Hanging Basket Plans for 2009

stanly(Z03)January 6, 2009

Happy New Year everyone. Just wanted to know if anyone is thinking of what they are going to do for hanging baskets in the new year. I usually use 12" hanging baskets but this year I inherited some 14,16 and two 20" wire hanging baskets. I've use burlap and plastic for these before but I think this year I'm going to buy cocoa mat fibre liners that I've seen in greenhouses. I get some pretty good ideas from Proven Winners web site but would like to know what you folks are all thinking about.


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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Happy New Year to you too Stan!

I'll be doing my annual baskets of Cherry Tidal Wave Petunias, some will have Bacopa and Lobelia mixed in.

20" baskets will look awesome, take photos!


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Happy New Year Stan and Sharon,

I make up several hanging baskets in many sizes. I just mix and match. I also like the tidal petunias they put on a good show...and if the bacopa seed grow it will be added too. For the rest I just use a mix of the annuals I start from seed. I don't really plan what the baskets will look like.

I'm thinking I should start some of my early starters from seed.....but I don't want to look after them this early. lol.


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I do about the same as Sierra. I have also used dahlberg daisy in my baskets along with blue lobelia and blue asarina. I tried the thumbergia but it didn't do well. Instead of hanging down it decided to climb on the roof of the patio! Now I just prefer to do planters. Marg

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We are going to be very busy this year because my "baby" girl 33 yrs, is getting married in Aug a week after the Big Valley Jamboree here in Camrose and she wants to have her wedding pictures in our yard. I have 4 half barrels that I put in a circle of three with the 4th one on top in the middle. In each I put one Canna lily and one tidal wave silver petunia and holy cow, that petunia went crazy, I'll bet the whole thing was about 8' wide. I took some pictures but will have to figure out how to download to here. Sharon, I think I remember you posting some pictures some time ago of your hanging basket and they were beatiful. How big are your baskets? Mine are mostly 12". Marg, I love your idea of daisy and lobelia and asarina because my daughters wedding colors are going to be blue. As for ordering seeds, last nite I spent about three hours looking a catalogues, Thompson Morgan, Veseys, Dominion, so many decisions, so little time. Stan

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

A wedding, oh how wonderful Stan!

I'm having a garden tour again this year, gotta keep up with those weeds!

I have some 12's and 14's.

If you're ever in Wainwright, you should see the huge beautiful baskets they have hanging down the main street.


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Nothing can out performs the tidal wave petunias. I have kept cuttings from mine for over 6 years so havent had to buy more seed.I use nemesia in my hanging baskets that are not out in the hot afternoon sunshine or it will quit..but it is lovely. In with smaller trailing petunias I have used phlox,dianthus and alyssum along with the already mentioned lobelia and brachycome. Bidens can hold its own with the tidal wave petunias 8-)..Jean

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I tend to go pretty simple, though last year I did cram many baskets and container full of all sorts of really awesome stuffers, most of which I have kept over in my garage and will take cuttings. Here's just a few simple plantings.

Illumination Apricot mix, I grew these from seed and save the tubers ... I LOVE the colors!

Bubblegum petunia, a cutting grown strain that I keep over. This variety holds up very well in the rain :)

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Wow twrosz, thanks for the pictures, the baskets are really beautiful! I'll have to keep that in mind. The front entrance to my house faces north but the front of my house faces east so I always have two 12" shade baskets with fuschia in them on the north side and a couple of 12" sun baskets on the east side. Those trailing begonias look beautiful. Sharon, I'm in Wainwright at least once a month in the summer cause that's where my boss lives so I've seen all your baskets in town and they do look lovely. Another town that does the same is Stetler. Jean, I'm pretty sure that I will plant the tidal wave petunias in my two 16" wire baskets which will go on the front east side of my house, just havn't decided on what color yet. Marg I know what you mean about climbers. One year, I had a couple of 12" hanging baskets with some geranium in the middle and three petunias around. I decided to put some canary vine seeds in the baskets and let them trail down however they kept climbing up the hangin basket wire and then back down and covered the geranium and petunias. Now I grow them in the ground or on a trellis. Stan

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Stan, it all depends what I have for stock, I usually will put 2-3 petunia seedlings into a 12" hanging basket.


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