Low Growing Sedum?

Bill_zone6(W. Pa)December 3, 2001

Am very interested in using Sedum as a groundcover in certain situations. Any suggestions and thoughts on low growing Sedum? Specific varieties and/or colors?

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I just love sedums, here are some of my favorite lower growing varieties so far:

Sedum "Acre" (will cover an acre in no time), Sedum "Cape Blanco" (great grey contrast against red leafed sedums), Sedum "Tricolor" (pretty pink blooms on pink/green/cream foliage), Sedum "Vera Jameson", Sedum anacampseros, Sedum carnea, Sedum divergens, Sedum erwersii (beautiful blooms), Sedum kamtschaticum (great yellow flowers), Sedum Makinoi Ogon (my current "best" favorite - chartreuse, less drought tolerant but more shade tolerant), Sedum pachyclados (great texture), Sedum rupestre, and Sedum spurium "Dragon's Blood" (fabulous red foliage and blooms).

These and hens & chicks cover my Allen Block wall, and form part of my "grass-less lawn" front yard area. Note though that many of these are not evergreen.


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I have a few of the named varieties from Janet's list, and would love more. Many of mine are unnamed ... just some a fellow gardener passed along. They're marvelous used in almost any container as groundcover for barelegged shrub or small tree. Or just tumbling from half-coconut shells nailed in a spiral around a wooden post. I have moist heavy clay soil so must grow them in containers. Do either of you have a nursery catalog recommendation or website to recommend? jo

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Recommendation or website for Sedum? Heronswood has a large selection, at least last year they did.

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Here is a link to a BC source which has some less "common" sedums. Worthwhile considering since our Cdn dollar is so low.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cusheon Creek Nursery

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Nice nursery! Do they ship to the US? And $3.00 for outdoor succulents!

I bought Sedum bithynicum from Heronswood last spring in a 3" pot. After 3 weeks it had really grown to the point where there were maybe 12 to 15 divisions. Right now the divisions would fill an area 6'x6' easily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sedum bithynicum

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Thanks, Janet. And, Bill, thanks for reminding me about Heronswood. jo

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Sedum 'golden acre' does spread FAST! Great for quick cover--seems like every leaf junction is a potential root source. The roots are shallow and when it gets carried away I just rake it out of the bed (unlike the "get-the-shovel" ajuga!). The only drawback is it does not hold up well to foot traffic.

If you want I'd be happy to trade for something different in the spring. The only other sedum I have is Dragons Blood, and it's been SLOWWWW to grow.

Michigan zone 5

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Love Sedum. MUST have well-drained!! Any clay content you'd better find something else, In my experience don't plant any ground covers too close together. Contain vigorous - 'Acre' to one side of concrete walkway, You even drop a 1/4" piece, you will pay for it later.
My current love is Houstonia, caerula. Has Bloomed since 3/10; apparently loves the cool wet Spring. I'm looking forward to Cotula, squalida.

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guanabanaboy(10b So. Cal.)

In my local garden center, they sell sedum acre as a ground cover. I liked the light green foilage, low growth, and mossy look. I am considering it for an area previously occupied with a lawn. We really don't walk on the area, but I would probably have to go out on it every once in a while to weed the area, and trim things adjacent. I have three questions: 1) How sensitive is it to foot traffic. Does it really resent even occassional foot traffic. For example, will each foot print be evident for weeks (months) afterward? Will I kill it where ever I step on it? 2) Can it be mowed, say once or twice a year to sort of pick up fallen leaves and trim it to a uniform height? 3) In large areas, does it become lumpy looking, or does it form more of a nice smooth ground cover of more or less uniform height? Any information you have would be helpfull. Thanks, Chris

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grandblvd03(z5 IL)

Chris, my sedum acre doesn't like to be stepped on, though when I do it's pretty resilient. The root system is so shallow that even minor weeding yanks it right out of the ground, but it spreads again quickly. It grows kind of lumpy, but that's what I like about it. I've never tried mowing it, I think it's a ground cover meant to be left alone to do it's thing. I've trimmed it back on the edges when it was spilling over into areas I didn't want it to, and that was OK. I love it. Nothing beats that bright yellow-green color, especially next to creeping phlox, or colorful annuals.

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Chris_CO(z6 CO)

I planted Sedum Acre not realizing how fast it grows, I'm happy to have it filling in bare areas but would like to know if it will take over and harm other plants such as iris, daylily, coral bell, or if they will peacefully co-exist. Please share your experiences, if it's going to be a problem this would be a good time for me to get it under control...

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mlim(zone 11)

I have some jellybean plant (sedums) and the bottom leaves/ jellybeans are shrivelling, turning yellow one by one and dropping. WHat's wrong? it is under full sun...

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