My status on the Figs4fun forum!

xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)January 4, 2010

It has came to my attention that there might be a rumor floating around that Jon had taken away my privilege on his Forum........This is not even close to true, He never booted me, or even asked me to leave, I did that on my own.

Maybe I should have counted to a thousand before I did that, but that is water under the bridge..I'm not whining or crying, it was MY CALL.

I hope the GW/FF don't delete this, I just thought I would clear the air on it so to speak.


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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

I had previous messages removed from here because it is "not allowed to talk about the 'other' forum on Gardenweb". Don't be surprised if yours gets removed also!

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Cecil I'm sorry you had a bad experience over there but as you well know you are far from the first.

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i also wish you would gave did that count like the ole saying count to 10 !
Anyways forum members come and go on all forums were all different and sometimes folks take comments to personally and thats to bad.
I hope you and others who have left in past and there are more than several that have reconsider and if what is said by members is unliked ut must be ignored reason being 1 person can flame many and make them leave forum and then what?
So............... count to whatever you need to then come back.
I just wish on this forum it would be more consistent loading for me on both my machines and its a hit or miss it will lock up my screen and its the only web page or forum out of many that does this to me.
Recently i had to set this one back to its orginal settings wiped everything clean and it still acts the same way si its hard for me to post comments and pictures like i really like to as most know me.

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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

The reason for me posting this is because I wanted to be fair to Jon.......That is the only reason.

As far as I'm concerned this is all I will reply to.
Stay warm everyone.(just be thankful for Global warming)

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Cecil you may not respone but i KNOW you will read this.
Forget about all the high school crap that goes on and dont let nothing bother ya is what im saying.
Everyone knows Jon is fair already. Growing up in Chicago if i let everything bother me and picked a fight about it i probably would not be here or pretty banged up to say the least. So forget about it and like i said count to a 1000 and let it be.

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Cecil, I thought you have left after striking black gold in your fields. Looks like you are one of those "Mao's" cadres -- i.e. chose to fight another day and that is what makes it count. Long time no hear and already kicking.......LOL.

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I moved too and may well share some of the same reasons why Cecil chose to move........

Anyway............that global warming is sending a hard freeze to my area this week and had to move a lot of container figs into the garage yesterday.


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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

I know what you mean about Global warming!

I have moved my small plants into the shed and have the elec. heater set for 37*
PS, I have always thought Al Gore was full of "it"


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........the idea of "man made" global warming is a HOT HOT topic for me. I'll not get into the details of that Baloney........they would throw me off this forum for sure.


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Dan, I do not post much on either forum, but I read both forums about every day. I have learned a lot about figs from your posts and would really miss your fig knowledge if you ever left this forum.

Cecil, I have always enjoyed your posts. There were many a day you brought a little smile to my face to what you posted. Also you often said things that I wanted to say, but just could not bring my self to post them. I hope you will stay with us on this site and hopefully you and Dan will some day come back to the other fig forum.


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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

Thanks Vern,

I agree, I have said some things that got my hiney in Hot Water, and knowing me I will inadvertently do it again ;-)

As far as me coming back to the Figs4fun forum, I have an eye
problem with that one, I can't see me doing that.
Stay warm up there.


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Thanks Vern,

I do not plan on leaving this forum. Some of the shenanigans that went on the other forum cannot happen on this there is no edit key here with which one can delete or change those nasty writings and cheap shots that some members seemed to enjoy taking.


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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I evidently do not follow the other forum closely enough to have any clue what happened there, but I would just like to say that I'm sorry if anything I've posted was taken the wrong way.

If anything I've said was offensive, stop by next September and we'll hash things out over some nice tree-ripened figs (and kiwis, raspberries...whatever is is season)



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xgrndpounder(Z 8 E. Tx.)

Hi Chills

No hard feelings on my part whatsoever, you have always been nice to me.


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I leave for a few months and all hell breaks loose! What the heck happened at F4F? Did the Galicia Negra controversy set everyone off? I was one who won one of the Galicia Negras on ebay. Someone want to enlighten me, have no clue what the heck happened!!?

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This probably sort of started long before it hit the fan.
It has been awhile now, I forget which exact variety started the arguments. It believe it was one of the Portuguese figs.

Someone started a post wanting to share some extra cuttings(for free) which I think came from a source that others doubted the authenticity of.
People jumped on the subject because if you are going to call something a name, it better be what it is being represented as or it will just cause further confusion and problems down the line as it is being passed around. Others felt that they didn't really care what it was called as long as it was a good fig. But that will just pollute fig nomenclature further...and this went on and on. The subject of newbies was sort of somehow partially thrown in the mix. Tempers got hot, people tried to change the subject and lighten the mood, but it kept coming up. Not to mention a few trouble makers, who were newbies, it seemed were around just to keep stirring the pot because those user names aren't seen anymore either.

In the end the entire thread was deleted. But the subject wouldn't die, it kept popping up in other threads..the same people carrying the same argument(s).

Before you knew it some people left and started their own forum. Which is I guess good and bad. Good in the sense that if they are happy now then God bless'em. Bad in the sense that they really add a ton of great knowledge and experience. Not to mention pictures, everybody loves pictures.
There have been some returns though, I hope they stick around.

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Well the rules @ F4F are not well defined, which is advantageous to people who want to take advantage or be abusive. At the yuku site they tried to fix that with clear rules but it got spun around as "big brother".

How many accounts can one person have at F4F? The answer is as many as they like, IP addresses are never checked... I could not sign up here or at fig.yuku as Dr.figlove and post "Well said hoosier! You are always so right" But at F4F I could and not even be breaking the written rules...

It is a real shame that a few members over at F4F got so nasty and mean about the new forum. I found myself wondering if the most vocal busters did not want to join because they would be banned for harassing people or because they could only have one single account. I am sure some people were just protecting their friends but others were protecting their interests.

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Over the years, I have enjoyed posts by Cecil and Dan as you both are very knowledgeable growers; not afraid to experiment with alternative growing methods and share the results. I am glad you're still here. C.H.

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I have not been there at F4F for sometime. It has a lot of information which sometimes is boring to me. All I want is a delicious fig to eat it makes no difference if it is self-pollinated or pollinated by fig wasp. I have now 30 fig trees producing delicious figs. Also I had an ultimatum from my woman 'plant another fig tree I am leaving' She thinks I love my fig trees more than I love her. She is saying there is more to life than figs. I found some way around that I plant more fig trees but I label them apricot.

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Many will disagree with you that a lot of info at F4F site is boring. Some may be but not a lot of it. You can skip what does not seem interesting to you.

It does make difference if a fig is self-pollinated ot by fig wasp because fig wasps do not exist everywhere. So, people in many area will discard fig plant if it needs pollination by wasp.
Eating fig pollination by any method is a different issue. When I buy fig at the super market, I do not care if pollinated one way or another.

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You have argument with me I learned a lot from F4F form but some subjects are useless and boring to me like some one posted how to grow a fig tree from a seed and were over 10 pages of discussions about this subject. Who in the right mind wants to do that and wait years if not decades to see what he will get not me. Beside he needs the fig wasp who hates our neck of the wood but other discussions are useful.

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No argument, treehugger.
I just believe that the membership at F4F seem to be of wide interest and varying experience. Also, there are a lot of OT: (Off Tpic - non-fig) subjects. So a reader has to select what to read and skip which is not of interest.
That is my view.

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