I need help with my wave petunia!

angiert(z5 IN)December 2, 2003

my youngest daughter took all of her allowance and bought me a wave petunia, i brought it in before frost, but now it seems to be just barely hanging on with only a few tiny pitiful leaves.......please help! i so dont want to lose this plant! can it be saved?

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Likely it needs light. Also ease back on the water now that you've brought it inside and give it a good haircut [less for the roots to support].

You can try rooting the resultant cuttings in water in case the plant goes.

Leave a few leaves on the plant, tho, and put by a window that gets very good sun. It -will- look lanky until you can get it back outside.

Or, you can get a gro bulb[s] and rig something up if a sunny window isn't available. I use floor lamps with the multiple swivel heads [purchased inexpensively at wallyworld] to carry everything that has to be brought in during the winter. Make sure the lamp is properly rated for the bulb[s] if you go this route.

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