Figs starting to break dormancy?

lkailburnJanuary 30, 2012

Hello everyone,

Last April i bought my first fig trees from a local big box. Two black mission and one celeste. They are about 2- 2.5ft tall and did actually produce a few fruit for me last year. So at the end of the season after a few light frosts, i moved them into my detached, unheated garage. This is my first time ever owning or caring for figs, so it's all been a trial so far. I watered them maybe twice so far this winter, didn't want to water log, or freeze the pots, but didn't want them to dry out entirely either. Well, i was out in my garage this past weekend, and it looks like there are little green buds forming or even about to open. I am in zone 4b/5a in colorado and we do have pretty weird weather, 60* one day, 20* the next during winter. our last frost date is about 2nd or 3rd week of april.

So my question is, what should i do from here. Are they truly starting to break dormancy? should i keep them in the garage until the frosts pass even if they push out leaves? my garage has no windows so light only gets to them when i'm in their working with the doors open.

Thanks for the response, i look forward to growing figs each and every season!


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


They can have a green bud at the ends of the shoots that looks like it's growing but isn't. Until that bud starts expanding you are OK. Mine in a greenhouse aren't pushing yet. If yours are, your storage conditions must be too warm.

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I posted almost the same question on Dec. 15th. A month and a half later, the leaf buds look almost the same. A few are slightly bigger and seem to be considering opening, but they are just sitting there.

I had planned on just bringing it inside the house and putting it in a sunny window, but until the leaves actually appear, I am leaving it where it is.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the reply. Again, since it's my first go round, wasn't sure what to expect. I'll keep an eye on them over the next couple weeks


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Same thing is happening to mine in a closet in my unheated basement.

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