A Fake Photo Gallery

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)August 23, 2012

Curious to see if there is logic built into the system to flag "gallery" or if its a manual move.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Bump, question answered.

Now does it change if there are photos?

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Bump again. All my questions have been answered.

Thanks GW!

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)


Your not going to accomplish anything by doing this. It will get you run off and don't tell me you don't care either.

There has got to be a workable solution for change that we can all live with. I have some suggestions I am mulling around but not ready to suggest anything yet.

Suggestions I would support.

I do think the gallery section needs change. A new set of ground rules are in order. Maybe it should be the main page titled Conifer Gallery's and Gardens. The discussion side should have a prominent designated area also.

I do agree with Resin statement: "Though I must admit I'd stopped looking at the gallery section with it being cluttered up with 213 threads on brooms that I'm not interested in." ;-)

I also agree. It has digressed into left field.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Actually I did, I truly was curious how the posting worked or if anything had changed in regards to photo tags and titles.

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

So now that your curiosity has been fulfilled what are you plans?

The truth is nothing has changed.

If change is coming we will be notified.

Until then business as usual.


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If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I think moving pictures to the gallery is just... well a stupid idea. I ran a website with a Vbulletin forum about 5-6 years ago. I created a gallery section that was attached to each members profile. Meaning when the user uploads photos to the gallery in selective categories, they also appear on there members profile page. Then I had a seperate section for a forum that members can post whatever in.

Now... lets say spring comes around and I start posting pictures of spring flushes, flowers, etc. My purpose of posting these photos are to get feedback and to show everyone my hard work. It keeps me going and fuels my passion for collecting conifers with other members with the same hobby. Because frankly no one around here cares and they don't even know what a rare conifer is.

There isn't any reason to take the photos and put them into the gallery section. I enjoy seeing everyone post long range photos here. Photos of the entire garden or vey unique conifers like Ken's, Dave's, Will's, etc. Seeing all the feedback and/or suggestions is also nice. If the photos completely stopped on these forums, I'm sure many users would go elsewhere. I know I just stick around for the photos especially in the spring/fall.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Its simple, I know I can still post pictures to the discussion forum whether they are strictly pictures to support questions I may have or simply pictures of a cultivar I want to show off to get feedback on. Photo tags or titles will not dictate where they go.

If the intent is to specifically post a slew of pictures and to get others to post pictures then it goes into the gallery. At least thats my interpretation of GWs goal. Not saying I agree with it, am happy about it or need to do anything about it.

I'll just roll with what makes sense for now. I don't plan to get all up in arms about it. Plenty other things to worry about at this point.

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