six new figs, pruning for early bearing

fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TXJanuary 8, 2010

Just got 2 gal size of following: Vista, Blue Celeste, Black Jack, Strawberry Verte, Paradiso, and Texas White Everbearing. They have 1-2 shoots each 1.5 to 4 ft long. Haven't decided on pot or outdoors in ground.

So after planting what's the best pruning strategy for earliest possible fruit? Will they bear this year? Are these good varieties for pots? Will they bear sooner in pots?

Thank you!!

The Fruitnut

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Any Branch longer than 2 foot can be prunned,to 2 foot long.
Yet Hard prunning,like Jon in San Diego does,i would not advice for young trees,younger than 4.
Also in Spring when it start growing ,pinch every branch to 6 leaves or less.
Of course in pot they do produce more figs when young,but if your intention,is to grow them in ground,I would plant them in now,unless you have nematode in soil,because Texas is known for that.
If you know the soil is clean of nematode,then plant,them,if you do not know,then plant only one and in the Fall check,for them at the roots.
If clean,next year plant them all inground.

Hope this will help

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Thanks H2. I'll prune to 2ft now and pinch to 6 leaves after they start growing. We don't have a nematode problem but I'll probably put them in pots in my greenhouse. This should give me the quickest fruit. Outside our season is too short and winters too cold for best figs...hard to believe in Texas but true from what I've seen.

Thanks again.

The Fruitnut

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