Help----trees shrubs plants tolerant to salt

celtic_07(3b)January 30, 2010

Hi I've never had to deal with this. Has anyone grown small trees, shrubs or perennial along areas where the city salt lands and stays for the winter.and then is in the soil come spring

I know that lilacs,tamarisk, russian olive, hosta"June" for sure are tolerant What has been your experiences- winners and disappointments

Thanks any and all help will be greatly appreicated.


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Pavement roses are another good choice.

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Asparagus is another option. It originates in saline coastal enviroments and is so salt tolerant that one practise is to add salt to asparagus beds to kill the weeds while letting the asparagus thrive (not recommended, because you can never get rid of the salt in the soil if you want to try growing something else there). If left unharvested, it will grow into a metre or taller feathery plant with small red berries each year. And you can always steal a few spears in the spring for a meal.

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Sea Buckthorn is salt tolerant. Need male and female if you want berries . Very hardy.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

I can't comment about trees and shrubs much, but I have two boulevard flower gardens between the sidewalk and street that get a lot of salty gravel dumped on them in the winter. I have found that most flowers grow fine with no problems. I used to worry about the salt, but not anymore. I have many native species, as well as daylilies, narcissus, phlox, siberian iris and so forth. So far, I have NOT seen any salt damage. My own personal recommendation is to grow plants are are mostly dormant in winter, i.e.not lavender,iberis or other ones that have a lot of foliage above ground in the winter. I guess the exception would be any seaside plants such as armeria(thrift), which should be immune to salt spray.

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Thanks for the ideas.
don555 -I know about asparagus but the problem with it is the spreadablity as it is very invasive.
ontnative -_thanks I had thought that might be true but thought I'd ask before I went to all the work.
beegood -I think the thorns would be a problem in the small space I'm looking to use.
shazam -does this rose have thorns etc that would make it unsuitable for a small area.

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Yes, pavement roses in general are thorny. There might be one or two cultivars that aren't, but since they're all derived from r. rugosa I wouldn't hold my breath.

Here's a list from Hort-Pro. Potentilla would be a good choice if you don't mind pruning once a year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hort-Pro's list of salt tolerant plants.

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Beach Plum, Virginia Rose, Rugosa Rose, Bayberry, Eastern Red Cedar, Pitch Pine are all super salt tolerant.

Holly is decently salt tolerant.

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I know people are trying to help but check zone first please.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Thanks, Shazam - was about to say the same thing. Lois could probably get away with zone 4 where she is but still a far cry from zone 6.

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