help save my fig

octopusgardenJanuary 28, 2012

I have a black mission cutting that I have rooted in water for over a year, not knowing when to take it out it just kept getting bigger roots and bigger ones. I planted it dec 18 and since then the fig has only gone down hill, during this time he had mites, which was confirmed, and treated for. However, he has lost his terminal bud and refuses to put new leaves out, he did have full leaves when he was in water. He has also just gotten little tan small six legged creatures that appear to my knowledge to me spider mites, though they are coming up from the soil. I need help, I just unpotted him to look at his roots and the appear not to be any new ones rather are little white dots on all his roots but that may be just the soil. His trunk is wrinkly or shriveling like as well. He is now out of the potting soil and back in water. Thoughts please, is there any way to save my poor fig?

I have pictures but don't know how to post them.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Where do you live?

You might consider adding that to your user info. Like my "z5b-6a mid-MI".

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I believe my zone is 5b-6a.
The fig is also indoors, and near a heater that is set at approximately 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Roots formed in water are structurally and biologically different than roots formed in a well aerated medium, and transition poorly to a solid media, partly because they are very brittle, but mostly because they are very poor at using water and O2 from the soil. Normal roots have tissue called parenchyma, that facilitates water and O2 usage, where roots formed in water have a different structure and a tissue called aerenchyma, that allows O2 for root metabolism to come from the top of the plant instead of the root medium (water). These roots perform very poorly in soil; they don't move water well.

Additionally, you have the fact that your cuttings are indoors when they would be better if resting in a cold spot. What happened to all the roots you mentioned that had formed in water?


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Al, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to respond, I am very much now aware of the differences between the roots in soil and water. This also sheds some light on my recent hydroponics experiments, with fig trees. All of which have gone south. The roots that formed, while in water the first time have sense turned black and seem to be fine.

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