marricgardensJanuary 28, 2013

Not much going on here these days so I thought I'd post a pic of my clivia blooming. I had several pots given to me about 20 years ago but they only flowered sporadically, and not all flowered. A few weeks ago this one opened and the flowers are huge compared to the first ones. What do you think? Marg

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Marg, that's a real beauty! I've never grown clivia, though have always wanted one and sometimes peek in on the clivia forum and search online photo galleries.

I really like the unusual white center to yours!


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Love it!

I'm watering my mom's plants while she's away, and her paperwhites have sprouted and are blooming. She's not even going to see them before she gets back.

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Terrance: thanks. It's been a long time to wait for them to flower but it was worth it. I found out that c.miniata does have flowers in different sizes. I think most clivias do have a creamy white throat. This one is larger than my first ones that flowered. Clivias are quite expensive, HD has a flowering size plant on sale now for

Northspruce: Why don't you take a picture to show her what she missed? Paperwhites put on quite a show when they bloom.

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Yes those are very fine looking blooms

I as well have never purchased a Clivia

I know I could grow them right out in my garden here in Florida They , I have seen, can actually naturalize even down here.

Should give it a try

I found some Heliconia plants growing in an abandoned lot this past Sunday

With bloom on them I thought they where banana plants til I noticed the gorgeous bloom

Went to the next door neigbhours house. I had just been out for a Sunday drive. FOund my way down to the city of Naples and near their Botanical gardens, which are so gorgeous.
At any rate did not happen to have a shovel in the trunk as I generally do. Shovel and clippers and bags
Anyway the neigbhour wondered why I would possibly want any of that plant Brought out two shovels and helped me dig up some of the plants
I picked off two of the huge blooms One is sitting on my kitchen table and the other I gave to a fellow gardener here.
The bloom is actually almost 10 inches long and waxy Colouring is yellow to orange Very striking plant

I am sure it is going to do just fine down here in my not so little any longer, garden spot.
So excited about this just had to write
I guess just the same as you are delighted with the bloom of your Clivia
Everyone going to Canada Blooms this year

Wish I where home, well , no that isn't so But would like to see Canada Blooms

Weather is just gorgeous here so. I miss being home, but, it is fantastic to be growing flowers and digging dirt and all that sort of stuff and even complaining about the heat, before heading to the pool for a late afternoon swim
SOrt of rubbing it in. Sounds like?

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diane_v_44 ... it's okay to rub it in a bit, lol ... just as long as you please would post some photos for us frozen northern folks to enjoy, sure would love to see!

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Amazing bloom. Why are clivias so expensive?

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Clivias take a few years to get to blooming size. A clivias need 14-16 leaves before they flower. I've heard some people say they are slow growing, they only send up a pup a year, at least mine do. I was given 4 plants about 20 years ago and now have 15, I gave some away. When they flower it is so worth it for the beauty plus the fragrance. Marg

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My clivia is similar to is orange? I started some seeds and now have a baby clivia too...but they do grow slowly! I think this plant thrives on neglect because I hardly water it, and yet it still manages to survive and bloom.

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My clivia miniata is orange, apparently the flowers can be different sizes. The first one I had was about an inch across. The last one that flowered had blooms 2.5" across. It has about 14 seed pods on it. Apparently they take up to a year to mature. I hope they do because I would really like some more big blooms.

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