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stephf(5a)May 26, 2011

I would like to create a garden path along the side of my house, connecting my front garden to my back garden. The space I have to work with is very narrow and there is a cedar hedge along one side. When we were redoing our front lawn and digging out our gardens, we found a TON of rocks and I would like to use the rocks to make the path (what else am I going to do with them!). Does anyone have any ideas about how I could do this?

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check out the side garden garden plan at Should work out well. Lots of shade lovers (which will be good between the house and cedar hedge. And easy integration with the rocks too...I check out they plans for good combos in specific situations

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What kind of rocks are they Steph? How you do it depends on the type of rocks I think, also the type of soil you have.

The only rock path I have is a narrow stepping stone path across my shade garden. DH dug out the clay soil a bit and did his best to level them. I wish we had more of these stones as I'd like the path to be wider but they are from a mountainous area quite a ways away and we never made another trip back there. In clay soil they stay in place quite well.

The recommended way of laying stones for a path is to dig out the area, put down gravel and sand, and lay the stones in that, rearranging until level. We redid my concrete rhubarb leaf stepping stones this spring and put a gravel/sand mix under them. Hope it lasts cause I never want to redo it!

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Your path is lovely, luckygal.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Luckygal, that's pretty.
I have many rock paths (none so nice as Luckygal's. Mine are actually "urbanite" (broken concrete) set in clay with pea gravel around them. In the back I will probably do them sightly different. If each of the rocks are flat like luckygal's you can set them in patio dust (whatever local product they sell to settle nicely in and around the stones). We used a level in our attempts to get everything flat. I lay the stone down and squish it to get the footprint and then dig out the soil under it so that it lays flat with the next stone and so on. Time consuming but once in place needs very little attending to.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Great path luckygal!

If your rocks are not flat enough to use as pavers in a walkway you could try using them to outline a pathway. That is what I do for most of my paths...


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