ljpother & curls - about my worms

nutsaboutflowers(2b/3a)January 17, 2011

Hi there! I hope one of you will see this and be able to answer my question.

DH says my worms are doing fine. However, they seem to be closer to the top of the bin than they used to be. Is there a particular reason they'd be hanging out further up in the bedding than they used to?

I checked some of the vermicomposting forum but there's no FAQ and I didn't find the info I'm looking for.


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They are probably coming up to say Hello. Quick shut the lid.

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More food at the top -- too wet at the bottom. beegood could be right. :)

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curls(Z3 AB)

I usually have some crawling about the sides when i lift the lid, but if there's any standing water in the bottom it's too wet and add some shredded up newspaper. And say hi back :)

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Well, DH says the worms have gone back where they belong.

Maybe they wanted to meet their owner, finally realized that just wasn't ever going to happen, and went back to their normal routine. I wonder if maybe DH just caught them when they'd finished eating and not gone back where they usually are.

Thanks for responding =:)

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