DESPERATELY Seekig Bakeapple/Cloudberry

Robin282(z7 SE MA Coast)January 4, 2006


I do not live in Canada; please forgive my forum faux pas in ettiquette by being an "outside poster". I have been a garden web member for 2 months, and I find the people here very helpful, with lots of iteresting ideas and information. I am from New England--Massachusetts. We plat to move to Maine upon retirement; so, we'll at least be closer to all of you then! My husband has many cousins in Canada.

I am looking to buy Bakeapple (also known as Cloudberry). I like growing all kinds of berries, and I have been trying to add berries from more Northern climes, and from other countries. Last year, I got Honeberries (from Siberia). We homeschool our 2 children, and I open our exploration of other countries through the plants.

I have found only 3 places on-line through searching: 2 in Canada, 1 in USA. One in Canada has added me to their waiting list. The other only mails 2 of their plants (peonies & wysteria), the other plants--one must visit to purchase and pick up. The one in the USA, no luck.

If anyone can tell me where I could order them--or anthig more about them, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!


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alalbertaz2b(z2 AB)

Hi Robin
I am very familiar with cloudberries as we buy it as a sauce from Ikea to put on icecream (A Swedish tradition).

I googled cloudberries and found an article about them. They are native to most low boggy areas of northern Europe and North America. I have even found them near my home here in western Canada. A suggestion I have is to collect some seed and try to grow them if you cannot find any live plants. I included a link to the site where I found the article.

Cheers Al

Here is a link that might be useful: Cloudberries

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Saw your request in several forums. You might as well apply for an import permit. It can be useful for ordering many different plants. The this website is a Canadian site but offers wonderfully plants and trips also. You can request to be placed on her growing list. Apparently you are not the only one who wants cloudberries.
Rice Creek Gardens near Minneapolis has them also but have never purchased from them.

Another person had a google on cloudberries which is where I found the link. I know in one of the catalogs I received recently I saw them if I can remember will post again.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

If you post again (or email me) in June I'll get some for you.

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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)

I used to be Robin282 on GW, but since iVillage made changes, I cannot log into that ID anymore.

In any case, I wanted to update folks on my progress. This was the most difficult plant to track down. I was able to get some seeds from Norway, and from a US germplasm bank that got its seed from Russia.

Upon receipt of the Norway seed, I have tried to look up cultivation instructions to no avail. Finally, the germplasm bank seeds arrived with instructions. Wow, is this going to be a challenge! After a bleach treatment (very hard coat), and warm stratify, then cold stratify, then light germination--using proper techniques and as sterile a batch of materials as possible, allow 60 days for germination after the 3 months of the warm, and 3 months of the cold.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but wish me luck!

BY THE WAY, I'd still tke plants of I could get them...


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You may well have seen this already, but some idle searching came up with the following,which seems to have useful information.
Best of luck!Jon

Here is a link that might be useful: cloudberry answers

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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)

I am still looking for seeds & plants just as desperately.

Last spring, I got a sandwich bag full of cloudberry seeds from a generous man in Alaska. I left them in the fridge until August. I then took them out, treated some with bleach, treated some with geribellic #&*% acid (I can never spell that), and sanded them, & planted them then, at the end of the summer. I figured the cold (only) stratification didn't work, so I tried a warm, then cold strat. A few days ago, I noticed sprouts, but I wasn't sure if they were cloudberry. Then, a second leaf came out, and it looks like cloudberry! I am just thrilled that I accomplished something that so many have said could not be done! Out of a whole asndwich bag FULL of seeds, only a few dozen have sprouted. I am happy with that. Then I read if you can sprout them, they won't make it. I am going to try to do my best to see that they do.

Meanwhile, I would still like to get more seed to continue experimenting with sprouting the things, and I really hope to get plants because I read that from seed, it takes 7 years to get fruit! Yikes!

If anyone can provide either seed or plants, PLMK. I still want them. I'll pay postage. I am also trying to get seed or plants from a variety of places so that I can have good genetic diversity.

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