Gardens for next year...or maybe the year after :)

lavender_lass(4b)May 5, 2010

I've been so busy digging grass, I'll be lucky to get everything done that I hope to for this year LOL. That being said, I do have some plans for next year :)

The spot where I was originally going to put the potager is pretty overgrown, but with a lot of work, could make a very nice fragrance garden. It's against part of the lilac hedge and would be perfect for some David Austin roses! In another area, I also want to put in a veggie garden for all the bigger vegetables (pumpkins, corn, etc) that are too big for my potager beds.

While these are going to have to wait for next year, it is fun to look at DA roses and think about which ones I can use in my new year....when I've recovered a bit :)

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It will be all the better when you get to plant it, and planning is half the fun.

I do feel your pain. I have a lot more ground to clear yet. And I have to clear it since I have ordered still more iris. Ah well.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Me too LL! I have already started to take notes for what to do this fall to improve the early spring garden for next year. Mostly I have been making plans to put in more bulbs and perennials that bloom early. Also have been taking pics and notes to know what tulips to buy this fall. Some areas I have too many early blooming tulips and not enough late ones, and vise versa.

Also thinking that, if the front veggie bed does really well, I may make the old veggie plot into a semi-shade garden for more perennials. But that will probably be a project for next year...

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. (LOL) I'm just glad that I realize my limitations and I'm not trying to do all these at once....although the new roses, the fairy garden AND the potager in one year may have been a little ambitious :)

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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

If I survive this year (LOL), I will probably continue marching around my small backyard making a few garden rooms. I'd like some sort of dining nook near the house. I also have to turn my attention to the area outside of my back fence, which will be for parking but with two perennial borders. Depending on how my energy level holds up, some of that might happen this year.

Of course, all of this is hard to even think about right now! I have so much on my plate with the potager and other related projects. I had a roofer here today for the second time this week, and he actually said, "I think I'm dirtier than you are today!" LOL. I've been walking straight to the shower at the end of the day after hauling around rocks and compost all day. I also had a neighbor walk by and say, "Wow, you sure don't tackle small projects, do you?!"

Thank goodness there is always next year.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Lavender, you need to learn how to lagsana garden for your future beds. Do you collect your home kitchen waste for composting. Start it now.
I have layered on cardboard, thrown on rotted hay, leaves, layers of chopped fall plants, grass, anything at all and have had the most delicious and luscious soil! I dismantled many of those beds and dug that soil in our native soil to plant my roses. They started off as mere sticks last year and are now luxuriant bushes! Best of all, I did it all right on top of the grass! The layers of stuff killed it, and it was so much easier!

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I have plans for years and years in the future! lol I want to put a front entrance garden, an east side allee-of-some-type garden, and something in the lower back. I used to want a hedge, decided that was too much, changed it to a knot garden (may still go that way), but now I'm thinking it would be a great place for a chicken coop! And - gardens along the driveway, something along the north wall, lol - get the picture? Once you start, it never stops!

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

GGG - I'm glad you mentioned lasagna. I was hesitant to do that, thinking about the potager, but it would be perfect for the fairie garden. And if something has to wait to next year, then the potager might be ready to plant by then!! lol.


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token28001(zone7b NC)

My gardens are now done. I can't really make any new beds, I'm just waiting for the current ones to fill in. I'll be changing them as time progresses. Moving and dividing plants, scattering seeds, sticking cuttings, etc. I'm out of land. LOL.

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My mom loves lasagna gardening, but I don't think it will work for me. The clay soil is so CLAY that the grass has roots at least 8" - 10" deep. When we take out the grass, we have sunken gardens we have to fill in with cartloads (like 20-30 each) of soil. Thank goodness, we can cheat and take it out of what was the pasture. Originally, the potager was going to be on a slight slope...not anymore LOL.

The good thing is, this soil, mixed with the clay is going to make great garden beds. Old hay, aged manure and lots of clay...did I mention I have the "nephews" out helping every weekend haul dirt? They've been great, but I'm still running out of time to finish one big bed before I pick up my roses this weekend!

Once the beds are in, planting is easy. I've got the bed in front of the porch done and the one under two small fruit trees. The two beds against the house for the fairy garden are done and just hauling dirt in the front bed. The two bigger beds in the fairy garden is all that's left to pull out grass...I'm so glad there's no grass in the future potager, or it would have to wait for next year. Once I finish "stealing" the dirt, it's a quick rototill and ready to layout beds :)

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