Annuals blooming in Mid-June

prairie_gal_z2b(Sask, Canada)January 3, 2008

Hey guys!

So...a friend of mine was asked to provide flowers for a wedding for the second week in June...and asked me what flowers she should try and grow for cutting. Since it's too late for new perennials and late tulips, I was wondering what you guys could suggest that might be blooming in time? She mentioned soft pastel colors,light pinks etc...I guess she's on a real shoestring budget also, so mostly she's looking for annuals she can seed herself, or buy in packs in spring. I thought maybe lavatera and annual bachelors buttons...are they early bloomers? I suggested shrub roses, lilacs, and peonies (because they are readily available in June and have the right colors) and found out people think these are old fashioned...I thought they were classic and romantic choices!!!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!!!

Koren in Saskatoon

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I always start my annuals in pots early because I can't wait to have flowers blooming in my garden! This is only a suggestion, but why doesn't she start some seeds in pots and then buy some ceramic pots to put them in for the wedding? After the wedding, she can plant them in her garden. That way she will have a reminder of her wedding every summer when the flowers bloom? Marg

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I was just looking at all the pictures of my garden for the past 3 years to see what was blooming in the second week of June....of course, all perennials...

Lilacs, irises, columbine, shasta daisy, painted daisy, poppies, lychnis, silene, beardtongue, peonies, lady slippers, leopard's bane, herman's pride, globeflower, allium, daffodils, bleeding hearts, lamium, foamflower, lily of the valley, pasque flower, spireas, coral bells, lungworts, ranunculus, cranesbill, phlox, snow in summer and jacob's ladder.

This is one of the containers my son and I made up for his girlfriend a few years ago...full of shasta daisies and painted daisies...

How about contacting the local garden club and 'raiding' their gardens of daisies?


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

That's a good idea. Maybe she should ask any friends who have gardens and perennials if she can come and pick some flowers in mid June. If she wants lilacs or roses, she probably has to ask friends to provide (rather than plant her own rose or lilac bushes this spring) as those plants don't perform that well for a few years.

Similar situation for perennial flowers. Asking friends for some might be the best option. If she were, say, to buy a perennial in May and plant it, it might be blooming by mid-June but probably won't look it's best for a year or two. Thus, very few flowers for her money for this year.

As for annuals, if she wants blooms by mid June she probably has to start them early from seed (or else buy nursery packs). Even then, she might be limited to those types of annuals that are easy and quick to bloom from seed (marigolds?).

Also, I guess what type of flower she wants depends on her intended use (does she want actual flowers planted in flower beds, or mostly cut flowers for use in vases).


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prairie_gal_z2b(Sask, Canada)

Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'll pass them on!
The annuals in containers in a good idea, that would be easier than cutting and arranging that morning.
That's a real cute picture Brenda, it's weird that the white ones and other ones aren't related, the blooms are carbon copies, just different colors!
I offered flowers from my own and my mother's gardens as we've lots of goodies blooming then, but for some reason she's reluctant to rely on others gardens, she said she doesn't want to take stuff from our yards because then we can't enjoy it....little does she know how much we gardeners have planted in our small city lots or how much we like to share it...In June you can really go crazy with cutting and still have tons of color left.
Hopefully she'll come around...Tulips and daffodils should still be around, and I think the Sibs are blooming then too.
Koren in Saskatoon

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