Online shopping frenzy!

curls(Z3 AB)January 30, 2010

Must be the winter itch, but i have sooooo many full shopping carts right now!

Looking at the Palram 6*6 greenhouse - never had one before - interested to try it - anyone ever shopped with Gardeners or have a Palram?

Costco has Healthy Choice Fruit Garden (Blueberry, Red Raspberry and Strawberry) anyone successfully grown blueberries in zone 3?? I'm thinking of planting them in barrels and overwintering in said greenhouse (really a coldframe) is that doable?

T&T seeds has 10% off right now and i've got $130 of plants / seeds in my cart - seriously insane!

PLUS I'm seriously considering giving Quinoa a try, but the only place i can find it is Salt Spring Seeds...

AND i've watched 10 or more youtube videos for how to build a hoop coldframe - totally doing that too!

But i'm gunshy placing all the orders!

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

We all get carried away waiting for spring.
Quinoa is available in the grocery stores.
Two years ago I grew it in pots from grocery store grains.
This past year I used the more decorative kind,but did not get as much grain. Planted late etc.

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curls(Z3 AB)

Thanks Caroline! I always wondered if i could germinate the stuff i bought from the grocery store! Saves me buying it separately!

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Curls -Don't blueberries grow wild where you live .They certainly do here. I would think that the cultivors would be also be hardy by next winter if you're starting them now . I'd plant them in the ground and cover them next winter with a mulch if you're worried.

People grow the cultivars here without any problems that I'm aware of. Good luck Lois

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curls(Z3 AB)

Lois! No i don't think they grow wild here... It may simply be a bad idea to try LOL, but I also have lavender growing that also isn't supposed to be hardy :) - though i doooo have a ton of trees making my soil acidic... tempting! maybe if i can find my vesey's catalogue with the code...

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So I am not the only one with the shopping frenzy! I ordered a bunch of seeds (more then I can handle), asparagus roots, and strawberries from William Dam. I got all my supplies for starting seeds ready. Now I am just waiting for the seeds to arrive!

Anyone found it hard to balance between gardening and all the other things you want to do in the summer? I booked one camping trip this morning and we want to do at least another 2, but then I keep on thinking about the garden and worry about missing planting out / watering / harvesting!

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curls(Z3 AB)

I've held back... Everyone on here says don't buy a cheap greenhouse... So i'm saving up for my year-round geodesic dome! THe internet is a DANGEROUS place!

Still want to buy Grapes, Haskup, and Blueberries, but i may just wait until the garden centre has em! We're away first 2 weeks of april and i don't want to start tooo many seeds!

I WILL build a hoop coldframe - it looks too easy not to!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Curls, check the conversation forum - we had a "bubble" a few years ago! LOL

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curls(Z3 AB)

Marcia! Thanks for the laugh, but now i'm jeaolous of the beautiful gardens!

The itch is worse! I even let my 2 year old pick out some veg seed at Canadian tire :)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

If i remember right, those are Pudge's gardens. Gorgeous, eh? :)

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Hope this pastes in okay...

Berries for Alberta

Blueberries (Vaccinium spp.)

There are three types of blueberries that will grow in the Edmonton area: lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium), highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum), and a hybrid cross of highbush and lowbush. Lowbush blueberries are native to Alberta, extremely hardy and produce small but very flavourful fruit. Highbush blue berries will grow up to 6 ft. high and will produce more and larger berries though they are less hardy. Hybrids such as ÂNorth Sky and ÂNorthland are hardy and good producers, growing to about 3 ft. in height. All blueberries will need a very acidic soil (ph 4.5) in order to thrive.

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