Lime for Fig Trees

btfigJanuary 7, 2008

Hi Folks what is the right kind of lime to use for Fig Trees.

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Use powdered dolomitic limestone (CaCo3). It is often available in large bags in home supply stores at a reasonable price. Do not use lime (CaO) or hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 as these products are caustic. I use one or two cups of powdered dolomitic limestone per 3.3 cu. ft. batch of potting mix.

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What does it (powdered dolomitic limestone (CaCo3) do to fig trees in terms of plant health and/or quality? Does it do the same thing to other fruit trees?
I had picked up two bags by mistake when buying fertilizer on sale and few weeks later realized that the bags were of dolomite limestone. I gave one bag to my neighbour hoping he will know what to do with it so I can do the same with the other bag. He returned the bag after a few months unopened.
Now that I recently got the fig fever I may be able to make use of the dolomite. How many average handful will be good enough for a 20 square ft area?

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mountainman0826(z8B TX)

Although figs can do well with many soils and tolerate acid or alkaline ph, figs seem to thrive in slightly alkaline soils. The limestone supplies the mild alkalinity that the figs prefer. How much you should add to your soil depends on the original ph of your soil.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I think you guys are leaving the Mg component of dolomitic lime out of the conversation - CaMg(CO3size>)2size>.

As much as a soil sweetener, dolomitic limestone is highly valued for contributing the macronutrients Ca & Mg, especially to container soils.

One does need to be cautious about applying it w/o some idea of the existing soil's pH. Over-application can create toxicity levels and block uptake of both Mn and Fe.


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I guess I did make a mistake then. I read soemwhere that figs like slightly acidic soil (like blueberries), so in preparation for planting figs in ground for summer durations, I addded crushed pine needles to the soil. If figs actually need slightly alkaline soil (as I read here) then adding a generous doze of dolomite limestone should help. Is that right?

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Get a ph soil tester.Cheep ones ($5)can be found in Walmart and most any store that sell plants.
Follow instruction and find out what your soil is like at this moment.Then you Know what to add.
I was doing mine about 3 years ago ind it was PH=6.5
That is a little acidic.
Yet Figs grow and fruit very well at this level.
Best regards

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