trouble with certain invasive plants

Brad KY(6b)May 17, 2014

Does anyone have problems with violets and wild onion [onion grass] trying to take over? No matter what I do there are always tons of both in my daylilies.
There are others [bermuda grass and dandilions, plus some misc. weeds] that I can keep mostly out. Last fall I took out a whole section of daylilies and sprayed and killed everything [it didn't kill any wild onion], mulched well with pine needles and they are back, as bad as ever.


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I haven't had any issues with wild onions, but the violets are everywhere. The only way I've been able to get rid of them is to dig up the entire plant, corms and all. If I get all of the corms they don't come back.


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I'm having the same problems along with nut grass. I think it came in with some mulch. It's in an area where I haven't had any before. At least it's easy to pull out.


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Julia NY(6)

For wild onion you have to dig the entire plant out with the little bulb on the end otherwise they just come back again. I find it easier to pull them and get the entire plant w/bulb out when the ground is very soft after it rains. They are fairly far down in the soil. It is a never ending chore.


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Brad KY(6b)

It sure is a never ending job which takes more time than we have! Thanks for responding.

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I have both violets and green onions. I probably pulled up thousands of onions in March and April. The best way I found was to take a long, serrated, kitchen knife, after a rain, and go down by the side of onion and cut around it, get a good hold on it and pull straight up. Those violets can take over also. You have to get all that root or they will come back. I have another weed that is flat and has about five healthy large leaves. I put a lot of Preen down after I get the beds clean of weeds. I use a lot of mini pine bark also. Good luck. Sarah

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Not only wild onion and the infernal wild violets, but Texas Evening Primrose. Never ending job.


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