When to start taking and rooting cuttings

fluffyfinchJanuary 20, 2013

I was wondering: My figs trees are currently dormant and I live in zone 9. Is it ok to start cuttings now or should I wait a few more weeks? Not sure if it would be better to wait until spring gets a little closer. Right now we are having a warm spell in the mid to low 70's.

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When trees are dormant, you can start taking cuttings. I live in zone 10b (Ft Myers, FL) and started taking cuttings in November. They are ready to re-pot now. In your area since it is cooler they might not start growing but they root and as soon as the weather warms up they will start growing.
PS; do you have many varieties? We could swap

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Cuttings are usually taken during dormancy but the best time to take cutting is just before the dormancy breaks in spring before the buds are opening.
This also avoid long period of storage or taking care of rooted cutting if cuttings are taken and rooted early, before spring/summer.

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Thanks for the input. Warm weather comes in spurts during the winter so I think the trees may break dormancy early.

Sal--the variety of fig I am propagating (from Italy) is from a young tree so I will only have a few cuttings to work with. I would love to trade for other varieties but I will have to wait till next year when I have more scion. However, I am kicking myself because I lopped my Kadota a couple of weeks ago and didn't even think about using the cuttings for trading (I hadn't planned on propagating it). They are too dried up now. Next year I should have Kadota and the italian fig available for trade.

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I pruned my small (15gal pot) Violeta De Bordeaux a few weeks ago, not realizing these trimmings could root. Is it too late to put them in media (probably Al's 5-1-1) to root? If not, how long do you let them 'try' before giving up? thank you for advice; I love this variety of fig and want MORE!

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I usually set old cuttings in very warm water, leave them there for a day and then proceed to root them. I keep them in a plastic bag in the dark till they show small starts of roots then plant them directly in growing medium. or after the warm water soak put them directly in the soil in a cup or whatever container or in the garden even if no frost is expected. In the house they start in a cool room about 60 farenheit , so far this year it has worked well and no mold problem. All the best with your Violette de Bordeaux

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