Memorial Day Weekend in my garden

celeste(zone 4 NH)May 26, 2012

I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing weekend. My son and grandson visited earlier, Mom is on the porch in the shade listening to the birds singing, and I have been out weeding, mulching and pruning just trying to get caught up. That dog attack set me back and it is now finally getting through my head that I have way too many gardens for one person to care for! Not that knowing this will prevent further garden projects...LOL.

Here's a few things happening right now in my gardens.

My best to all of you!


my earliest blooming large-flowered clematis is

'Lanuginosa Candida'

I have another 'cheat' daylily bloom which came by mail already potted. This is 'Ruffled Apricot'.

My state of New Hampshire sows lupine and other wildflowers along the highways so growing lupines in the garden is no big deal, but they are pretty and reliable

Some columbines....

Some very deep, dark bearded iris

and a purple one

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The lupine, which I've not heard of before is beautiful. as is the clematis. In that color it makes you feel cool in the heat. I'm not familiar with Columbines , but they are so pretty. and the purple bearded iris is breathtaking. Makes me almost ready to trade my mild winters for some of these flowers. Your grand baby is as cute as he can be! And look at that red, white and blue display, all ready for Memorial Day!

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shive(6b TN)

Celeste - The white clematis is just spectacular! That last photo looks like a Memorial Day greeting. I love both of the columbines, and your grandson is so charming playing with the dandelions. Thanks for sharing your photos!


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Cindy zone 6a

Just wonderful pictures Thanks for posting, isn't it funny how much fun can be had with dandelions!!!

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Just went to check Brushwood for your clematis and they don't have it. I would like to have a white one to pair with Teshio. Your grandson is entralled with dandelions as we are with daylilies!

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Your white clematis is lovely. It looks so perfect. Really like both of your columbines--such pretty colors.
Your grandson is such a cutie. I can still remember when I liked to play with dandelions. Such fun blowing those seeds around!

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Nancy zone 6

Can I borrow your grand baby? Lots of dandelions to be had here :) Love the clematis!

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Just found your clematis at Brushwood. This time I spelled it correctly!

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Oh, that clematis is stunning, and I would think it would make everything seem so cool. Wish we could grow them here. Same for the columbines, especially love the blue one--big surprise!! Ruffled apricot is a looker, lovely color, and of course, Connor and the dandelions steal the show. We wish you and yours a very happy Memorial Day. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Love that Clematis.its so pretty. and them LUPINES, too.Would love to have them here, but its too hot here for them.Your granson looks like hes just having a fine old time with them dandelions .my grandmother use to cook them leaves. that was back in the depression.


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The blue columbine is amazing!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

So many pretty blooms at your garden. I love all the blue and I love the lupines. Gosh, they are so very pretty. Your white clematis is so beautiful. And a daylily bloom is a daylily bloom no matter how it appeared in your garden. Very pretty.

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All of your blooms are gorgeous. I know what you mean about gardens getting to big for one person I've scaled back my plants quite a bit but you know how it goes I still can't resist one more daylily.

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I love looking at your flowers, so many of which we never get to see down here in the south. I think I like the grandbaby best, though!


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Almost all of your flowers today are red, white and blue! I think that lovely white clematis is the star of the show.

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I love your clematis, such a clear white. The blue columbine is awesome! I love blue in the garden especially with the daylilies. I can't see it very well but is it all blue? I have caerula blue which is sky blue with a white corolla. Your dark iris looks like my Morning Show - one of he first to flower for me. Marg

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Aw, I just love it. The clematis is sublime, and I adore columbines. In all the garden, dandelions really are what kids like best aren't they? I remember blowing their fuzz away too. :)

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I thought I better get on here and respond before this post gets bumped to page 2. You can tell it's spring by the activity on the forum's hard to keep up.
But I love it!
Anyhow, thank you to all who commented. For those who liked the clematis let me also mention that it is wonderful in the evening. Those pure white blooms under the moonlight are heavenly. They really show up! This clematis is only in it's second season here, believe it or not. I am very happy with it and to are very wise to get his one. Also, to those who asked about the blue columbine it IS indeed all blue, and as blue as blue can get. I don't know names of any of them since they came from mixed seeds. (Sorry I'm not any help on that). I have a lot of pass-along plants that were given to me or from seeds from others' gardens. I have been collecting plants for most of my life, and oh the story some could tell. Thanks again!


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