I just got some catalogues and Im wondering.....

andres_zone3February 5, 2010

Hello all, its Febuary and its that time of year that we start planning what we want to put in our gardens. I received 3 catalogues that include Rockwood Gardens, Spring Garden ect.

I really want to try Freedom Rose of Sharon, Blue Bird, perrenial hibiscus, and Spicy Cajun Louisiana Iris. All of these are listed as zone 4 but Im guessing the Rose of Sharons are more like zone 5. Has anyone in zone 3 or even better yet in Edmonton successfully overwintered and got flowers the following summer from any of these plants???

Would I be successful if I planted them in a nice microclimate, mulched well, and covered them with snow in the winter??? Ive been successful with 2 types of butterflybushes and I am hoping that they survived this winter. I hope Spring comes early to all of us who garden in this ICE BOX!!!

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Don't order from them! They have a very poor reputation. I'm sure others here could fill you in more about them, and there's probably something about them in the Garden Watchdog (which you could google, i think - i don't have a link for it). Try more reliable places.

As far as zone-pushing goes, some people are very lucky with it. There are a lot of plants that don't realize they aren't hardy to zone 3. :) Good luck!

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I have never heard of anyone being able to overwinter the Louisiana iris outside. The Louisiana irises are considered to be about a zone 6 plant....not so hardy in a zone 2 or 3.

Maybe there has been a breakthrough that makes this variety hardier????? Doubt it, but you never know.


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I'm in Edmonton and I started two Rose of Sharon plants from seed (from southern Ontario). I got them through the first winter with heavy mulching. However, the plants are only a foot high. Also, they are slow to leaf out in the spring. If they survive this winter I'm going to plant them near the foundation on the south side of the house.

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Thanks everyone. Brenda both "Black Gamecock" and "Spicy Cajun" Louisiana Iris are listed as zone 4 plants. I have checked other sources that say they are zone 4/5 plants. Im gonna go ahead and try them. Louisiana Iris's are one of the most beautiful in the world.

Ljpother- I hope your Rose of Sharon's survive and flower this summer. They are beautiful plants. I highly doubt that in Edmonton they will ever become a shrub, but if they behave like butterflybushes they will die to the snowline and flower regardless. I've been noticing that Edmonton area greenhouses are starting to bring more exotic plants. Last year I bought a "Blue Moon" wisteria I hope it survives and flowers this summer. Let us know what happens to your Rose of Sharons.

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It's certainly worth a shot. Oftentimes, the reason a plant is listed at the zones they are is because they've never been tested in lower zones.

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