Sunday Blooms in FL

houstmagMay 19, 2013

It's nice to see some of you are starting to get some DL blooms, keep those photos coming. It was a busy weekend for me so I've been a little lax in my posting. This weekend was Southern Mecca weekend and I spent a lot of time it seems driving around FL. I went to a barbeque at Dan Hansen's Ladybug Daylilies on Thursday evening, our club hosted a Ice Cream Social and Auction on Friday and on Saturday it was breakfast in the garden at Nicole's Daylilies and then back to Dan Hansen's were I bought some plants. Anyway here are some that were blooming in my garden.

This was the gift plant that Nicole gave to everyone that came to breakfast.


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All so pretty, ad I really like Open My eyes, but you know how I love the hot ones. that one of Nichole's is a beauty! Does it have a name? I am getting Chico Rico from Lisa, and I can't wait.. It's another hot beauty.

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Kay, It's not registered Nicole does grow them just for her breakfast. It does have a tag that says Nicole's Breakfast 2013.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Wow, I bet you had a really great time touring those gardens. It must have been really great. All your blooms are really lovely.

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Julia NY(6)

I like the last one but didn't see a name for it.
Sounds like you had a great time traveling around the Florida gardens and getting some meals too :-).

It is going to be awhile before the daylilies blooms here so I'm enjoying everyones pics.


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Sounds like a really fun time going to all those events. All your daylilies are looking so good, and the freebie from Nicole is an eye-catcher. Little Dynamite David is another one with bright colors, can't miss it. Avedon

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Nancy zone 6

What fun! I think I like your freebie best.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

They are all so pretty,but,I think I like the freeby the best. sounds like you had some busy days and had fun too.


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One of these days, I m going to make that mecca...My husbands old dog has to die first, so it may be years.

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shive(6b TN)

Your breakfast gift from Nicole is SO pretty. I really love watermarked reds!


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Oh gosh.... I wish I had gone to that breakfast. That is one stunning daylily! What a beauty. You are so LUCKY to have that one because we all can probably never have it....(sigh). It sounds like you had some fun over the weekend. As always I love your pictures.


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