Supplier for Rion Ecogrow Greenhouse in Calgary?

hmacdona1February 22, 2009

I've been thinking of buying one of these greenhouses as it looks like it would be very easy to put together and take down and move if necessary.

Does anyone know of a supplier in Calgary? I've been searching the internet, but have only located companies in Ontario.

Thanks in advance...Heather

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Heather, I have a small 6X8 Rion greenhouse, I bought it online from Costco 2 years ago.
They were on special recently.

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Hi maggiepie,

I was checking out costcos website earlier today as a matter of fact. Unfortunately they're only carrying the "prestige" model which is too big for my use (it's 8 x 12) and quite a bit more expensive than the ecogrow model I'm looking for. They're selling the prestige model for $4000.00. I'm looking for a 6 x 8 size like you have. I seem to be able to get this size with automatic openers and base kit for around $1400 online, but was hoping to be able to get one locally.

Thanks for your note...I do appreciate it.

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I decided to take the plunge and ordered one online today through I had corresponded with them a few times and found them to be extremely helpful. Their 25% off sale ends today, so I just had to buy right? :)

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Heather, I hope you have a better place to put yours than I did.
Mine gets full sun all day and as a result isn't of much use for most of summer. Am thinking of getting some aluminium shadecloth for summer.
Which size did you order?

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Hi Maggiepie,

I ordered the 6 x 8 for now. I have a pretty good spot in my backyard where my existing portable one is put up. It's 6 x 8 as well but has seen better days. It gets a good amount of sun most of the day but not all day like you have. It's sheltered from the high winds we tend to get at the north end of the city.

I like the idea that I can buy extension kits for this one if I get out of control with my growing.

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