Fig disease photo site?

sautesmomJanuary 25, 2009

Is there a website with photos of fig diseases? I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my 10 year old espalier fig tree, and the UC Davis website doesn't show anything close to what I've got.

My tree got black spots all over the trunk one year, and the leaves that year grew small, and turned yellow and fell off early, and the fruit was small, nasty and inedible. One of the espalier branches died altogether, and I lost half of another one. The next year (last year) there were no figs, although the leaves seemed a little healthier.

This all happened after I replaced some of the soil in the pot. I am suspecting either verticillium wilt or nematodes, but I haven't seen much info on how those show up in figs.

Any help would be appreciated!

On a side note--could I graft a replacement branch near where the old espalier branch died?

Carla in Sac

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Having researched fig sites for the past few years, I am not immediately aware of a website that lists more than just a few diseases and pictures of the diseases. I may have missed it if there is one. I have however, found documents that list several diseases in one spot. I have pasted a few links that might help since they list several diseases. You will have to do a search to find a picture.


2006 Florida Plant Disease Management Guide: Fig (Ficus carica) by Ronald D. French-Monar and Pamela D. Roberts from University of Florida Extension -

Diseases of Fig by Themis J. Michailides - University of California, Kearney Agricultural Center. This is chapter 11(p. 253 in the book ÂDiseases of Tropical Fruit Crops edited by R.C. Ploetz. Saw it on Google Books but not all the pages are available.

Figs - Texas Plant Disease Handbook from Texas A&M University

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I actually have two pressing question if someone could help.
1) I have an old fig tree it was in my house when I moved in, I do not know how old it is. now all the leave fell off the tree and at the same time and all the branches are drying out and becomes brittle.
2) I also have a miracle fruit tree, and the tips of the leaves are brown and dry. I am not sure what I have to do to solve these problems. if any one could help I really appreciate it.

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harvey12(z7 NC)

The attached photo is of a fig tree in my daughter's yard, but I have one just like it! These trees were damaged by unusual cold this past winter. As they sprouted new leaves this "stuff" appeared on the trunk, near the base. Each of these white "sprouts" is a small toothpick sized cylinder of sawdust, originating in a hole in the trunk. Borers!! I have sawed off the affected trunk on my tree, and the holes are at least a quarter inch below the cambium layer, into the harder wood of the trunk. I stripped the cambium layer and left the section overnight. The borer, which I have not seen yet, continues to bore, and to produce more cylinders of sawdust. Anyone else had this problem. Is there a recommended remedy, other than amputating the trunk? Thanks, harvey12

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Harvey12 has submitted a photo of exactly what is happening to my fig trees. Is there any help or am I doomed to loosing the trees? We had a very cold winter and I have extensive frost kill. The trees are showing re growth from the ground and some on the upper branches.

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vall3fam(9 CentralCA)

Google Asian Ambrosia Beetle. Nasty buggers, maybe nothing to be done, but research it.


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