Sungold Candy Daylily-damaged scapes

Carolinaflowerlover NC Zone 7bMay 31, 2012

I got a pot ( 2.5 quarts, I think) of Sungold Candy Dayliles today for $1.00. It is in great shape. I set it on my porch with intentions of planting it tomorrow, as it is outgrowing the pot. I just came to find that it had fallen off the stoop. :( Three out of four scapes are bent/cracked about 2/3 or 3/4 across the width of the scape. However, they can stand upright, if secured. I wrapped gauze around them and a stake, each. There are still buds in them. Do you think there is hope for those scapes, or should I cut the scapes off? How long will it take to grow new ones? I didn't think to get pics....I was in too big of a hurry, wanting to secure them before they cracked the rest of he way through. Obviously, I put the pot inside a larger one and on the ground. Poor things. :(:(

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Nancy zone 6

I don't think I've seen Sungold Candy before, had to look it up. It is very pretty, & certainly a bargain! If the scapes were just bent, they should bloom. If they are actually cracked, they might go ahead & bloom if they aren't too long from opening. I'm no expert on this, but if it were me, I would keep them on, & if it looked like the buds are shriveling, cut them off immediately. Right now I have a daylily that the scape twisted around so much it snapped. I think that condition has a name, but I can't think what it is. I didn't know what to do, so I left it. The buds have continued to grow & look like they should bloom soon. Maybe the blooms will look bad, but I'll learn something from the experience.
Maybe someone else will have better advice for you. As far as rebloom, so hard to say. Some rebloom while they still have a scape, some wait a couple of weeks or more, while others may not rebloom at all. They can behave differently year to year too.

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Carolinaflowerlover NC Zone 7b

Thanks! Bent is probably a better word than cracked. They do bend over and show some stress areas around it, but they don't actually separate completely from the scape, I don't think. I really should have taken pics. lol I do love it! I am hoping to find more somewhere else.

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I've brought some in the house that were near blooming and just put them in a vase. They bloomed fine. If they look like they are starting to wilt, you might try that.

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