Pink Yarrow

lavender_lass(4b)May 29, 2011

Does anyone have a pink yarrow, that is a lighter shade of pink, like the one in this picture?

I saw this in Hallmark's, "Edge of the Garden" and I think it's beautiful...especially with all the other flowers, in the garden. Has anyone seen this movie? I thought it was great, but what's not to like about a romantic movie with a garden? :)

Thanks for any information about the yarrow!

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

My Richard Nelson fades to a lighter pink.

Here is a link that might be useful: yarrows on sale at Bluestone

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have this one: Achillea millifolium Wonderful Wampee (also Bluestone) and it is quite lovely and a very light pink. Blooming now!!

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

From seed Appleblossom Yarrow.. Too bad I took it in the evening sun as the it gave it more of a orangish tint, it really does throw out the same sort of pink , lights and darker mix that this was.. my little batch should put on another good show this year so will give you another pic soon..


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kiskin (5/6 in EU)(5/6 in EU)

Just this weekend I planted achillea Lilac Beauty, that looks very similar to your first picture, Lavender Lass

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I have one called "Pretty Belinda" that starts out light pink. I've been disappointed by how quickly it fades to a dirty white, especially since I had read that this one held its color well.

Totally Confused

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Yarrow is so easy to grow from seed and looks better en masse so why don't you plant seeds? Many years ago I planted a package of mixed pink and red yarrows and they continue and self-seed. There are always many shades of pinks and cerise red but I yank out the too pale pinks, beige, and white every year to keep the color.

This is the palest pink I will allow...

Dark pink...

Darkest red I have a pic of...

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

Mmmm so pretty! I don't know why but the color reminds me of strawberry yogurt! I planted a couple last year and I'm waiting for them to bloom. I've never had any before so I'll have to report back to you but mine is apple blossom. Maybe a little shade is the trick to holding the color? I have one in very light shade and one in full sun so well see.
Ps, I tivoed that movie, but accidentally fell asleep when i was watching the first 15 min! I have to wait till next nite my Dh is working to try again. It looks good!

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luckygal, love the yarrow you planted. i am new to gardening. i have tried to grow shasta daisies from seed. but i have not had any luck. i'd love to try yarrow. do you have any suggestions for me.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Journalbee, look up wintersowing forum here..

You can easily wintersow yarrow shasta daisies as well.

You can actually grow hundreds of perenials from seed very wasy , with wintersowing method.

Its not for everything, but it works well.


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thanks Silverkelt, i will check it out. in the meantime maybe i can throw down some annual seeds.

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Thank you all for the great responses :)

Lilyfinch- It's a fun movie...and the garden and cottage are so pretty. The man is living in 2010 and the woman is living in 1960, but they share the space on the edge of the garden. It's romantic, but really tells the story of each person's lives and how they're helped by this unique friendship.

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I picked up a wonderful wompee at Lowes last year for $4 and it looks a lot like this. as the flowers fade they turn soft pink/white, but they open up a beautiful shade of pink. Sorry I don't ahve any pics on my work computer. but it really does look like the original picture.

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Craftlady- Thank you! I'll keep looking at Lowe's this summer, since I end up buying many of my plants there...especially at their clearance table :)

A bit off topic, but has anyone else had trouble finding fairly common plants, lately? I called almost every nursery in our area, this spring...and no one had stock, except a Fred Meyer store on the other side of town. Half of them didn't even know what it was! I get stock every year for the front and cottage gardens, but I may have to start growing it from seed. Here's a picture (not mine) but they're so pretty!

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I haven't really noticed that, but I rarely look for common things. I don't really do annuals and most of my mroe common perennials get divided every few eyars and I rarely have to replace them.

with that said, I don't think stock is very common around here, at least it's not something I'm used to seeing in the nurseries. So if I wanted it I'd have to do it from seed or mail order.

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Yes I do have ones like the pictures. I got them on a day trip to the country.

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