Anyone have experience growing these perennials?

valleyrimgirl(2b)February 14, 2008

I was thinking of ordering these perennials from Veseys... My magazine came with a $25 credit to be applied towards a $50 or more order. That would pay for the GST, shipping and handling and leave about $10 to go towards the plant costs.

Anyone have any of these already and how are they doing for you?

-Monkshood, Carmichael...supposedly only 2' and blooms in fall???

-Phlox, Peppermint Twist

-Phlox, Starburst

-Phlox, Orange Perfection

-Phlox, Baby Face

-Phlox, Tenor

-Phlox, All in one

-Iris, Siberian, Roaring Jelly

-Iris, Siberian, Regency Belle

-Iris, Siberian, Blue Butterfly

-Iris, Siberian, Moon Silk

Any advice would be greatfully accepted. :)


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I couldn't give you any advice on the irises until next year - i planted those last summer. :) And all those phlox are tempting. I only have Phlox Dave and one unnamed pink one. Starburst looks beautiful. But i'm not ordering plants from Vesey's any more, so i'll either have to wait for seeds or get them elsewhere.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I have a big clump of either Aconitum henryi or A. carmichaelii (not sure, they came with the house and they're similar). I have been here two falls - the first fall it bloomed in October with snow on top, and this year it budded but didn't get a chance to bloom before the hard frost came. It's some consolation that the foliage is very attractive and the plant's habit is nicer than the normal monkshood. If you want, I can see if it could be split in the spring.

I don't have any perennial phlox but I've never heard of anyone having problems growing it.

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Sounds good, Gil. Maybe we can trade a Siloam daylily (from another thread) for the monkshood?


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Good plan! I think it would bloom better with a tad more sun than I've got it in, as long as the soil is fairly moist.

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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

I have had very bad luck ordering live plants from Veseys.
I have found their irises and daylilies grow alright though.(I have both growing in the house right now.)
But one good thing is that they offer credit with complaints.
I have ordered plants again for this spring. The price is right with the coupon.


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Shelley, what have you ordered?


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Hmmm without a book in front of me and too lazy to download and search the website. Off memory I know I ordered 3 Roaring Jelly Siberian Iris and a clematis called Cassis (or something close to that name). I cannot recall what else.

My oldest daughter's name is Cassie, so this clematis was the closest plant that I have ever seen with her name. It better grow for me.
Now can anyone tell me where I can find a plant named Chanae. Renee is the closest that I have seen. It just is missing the SH sound at the beginning.
And a plant with the Braeden name. That one has me totally stumped too.


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Shelley, you might have to come up with a plant that reminds you of your kids - or maybe you can get into plant breeding! LOL I haven't found anything for my grandson, Shayne, but we always plant bachelor buttons together, so they are "his" flower in my garden. And he helped me plant my Morden Sunrise rose when he was about two - helped by jumping into the hole and out of it a few times and then telling me which way it should go in - so it reminds me of him as well. :)

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I decided to order the Roaring Jelly sib iris from Lindenberg's instead of Vesey's. Lindenberg's is based out of Brandon and will just call me to come pick up my order as soon as it is ready rather than me getting it after a week in the postal system like it would with Vesey's. Also...Lindenberg's regular price is $4.29 whereas Vesey's is $5.95. I also decided to get the Pink Double Delight Echinacea ($9.99) through them also instead of Vesey's. (Vesey's price for Double Delight is $22.95)

Right now, my order for Lindenbergs which I will call in this week (so I will for sure get them) is...

Elke Geranium...$4.99
Red Admiral Geranium...$5.99
Roxanne Geranium...$9.99
Pink Double Delight Echinacea...$9.99 (Vesey's ... $22.95)
Roaring Jelly Siberian Iris...$4.29
Victorian Secret Siberian Iris...$4.29
Kit Kat Nepeta...$4.99
Raspberry Sundae Peony...$19.99 (Vesey's has it for $24.95)
Sword Dance Peony...$16.99
Blue Perfume Phlox...$5.99
Miss Piggy Poppy...$5.39
Fanciful Feathers Poppy...$5.39
Picolette Sedum...$5.99

I know very well that each time I go into the store I will be picking up more plants especially when they have their perennials on sale in June. But, these are the plants that I really would like so I will get them now.


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Brenda do you know where I can find a pic of Fanciful Feathers Poppy? I am curious what it looks like.

Do you know how big the plants they send out for here? I was looking at the Roaring Jelly sib too.


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I found 'Fancy Feathers' Poppy...

Tt is very pretty. The Lindenberg catalogue says 'ruffled true pink' and the above website described Fancy Feathers as...'The large, double flowers have cherry pink petals that are exquisitely ruffled with lighter flamingo pink edges.'

I think they are one and the same. Zone 3!!!

Sierra, tomorrow when they are open I will call and talk to Mr. Lindenberg and ask whether Fancy Feathers and Fanciful Feathers are supposed to be the same.

As far as the sib iris...I do not know the difference between what Veseys would send and what Lindenberg's would send. I know that the daylilies and hostas from Lindenbergs are a very nice size as well as their peonies. But as far as sibs go????? The daylilies were similar in size from Vesey's last fall and from Lindenberg's in the summer.


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dugald(z4 ONT)

All of these plants should winter well for you. But beware of cheap plants from Veseys. You usually get what you pay for.

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valleyrimgirl, I was wondering if you have seen the peony sword dance in person or not? I planted one this past fall, and I am really hoping that it will bloom this year so I can see what it looks like in person! I did get nice sized roots from Parkland Perennials - so I have high hopes this spring! (I planted 6 peonies including a double fern leafed one).
I also planted 5 geranium Roxannes this past spring, and I was very happy with they way they filled out and bloomed right up to a hard frost!

I am just trying to figure out my orders for this spring, and I was wondering if any one has tried:

Echinacea Hope
Echinacea Ruby Giant
Echinacea After Midnight

I did want little giant as well - but I can't seem to find anyone in Canada selling it, that should tell me to wait on that one! I really wanted the Hope coneflower last year since some of the profit does go towards a breast cancer foundation, but no luck.
I was happy with how my plants that I ordered from Fraser's Thimble Farms turned out this year, so I'm going to try them again.

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Janet, I have not seen Sword Dance Peony in person but the web site pictures are wonderful!

Fraser Thimble Farms...Laurie and I placed an order with them last year for 2 ITOH peonies and were very happy with their service and with the size of the peony roots. Now, we are just waiting for spring so we can see whether they make it through our winters here. I would definitely place an order with them in the future if there was something I really wanted.

Nice to hear that the Roxanne Geranium will bloom right until frost. I like perennials that will do so.


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Thanks Brenda, since I am attempting to plan a color scheme for my back garden, Miss Piggy would fit right in and I was wondering about fanciful feathers. I had read the discription....but when I googled, didn't find any matches. It will be interesting to know if they are the same ones.


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Sierra, I talked to Lindenberg's and it was a misprint in the catalogue. It should be Fancy Feathers Poppy. I like it.

I placed my order with them this morning. Can hardly wait until spring!


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Thanks Brenda. I am still sitting on the fence trying to decide if I want to place an order there or not. Miss Piggy is the right color but I don't think fancy feathers is quite a good shade for this. Hmmm LOL! So many decisions.


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sharons2(z3-4 ID)

Brenda, How well does your Elke Geranium grow? Did it survive the winter? Does it bloom all summer? Does it flop?


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