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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)February 6, 2008

Hi everyone.

I have several roses in pots that were stored in the garage over winter. Some of them may be able to manage in the ground with good protection now that they are bigger. They are:

Intrigue FL

Sunsprite FL

Gruss an Aachen FL

Distant Drums Buck

Rio Samba HT

Beauty Secret Mini

Janna Mini

Does anyone have experience with any of these in the ground??? They can stay in the pots if they are too tender but if a few of them can manage in the ground I can use the pots for something else.

Question 2.

Although the spring order is done and I have lots coming already I know those impulse buys are still going to be a reality...lol. So for a small cutting garden what would you recommend in HT's and Floribunda's that can survive winter with good protection and rebound well. Can we make a list of the ones that do well for you so I can take it with me. Criteria would be:

decent life span as a cut flower

good fragrance hopefully

any colour except white

I have Double Delight and Mr Lincoln coming already at hubby's request. Was thinking they would have to be potted but maybe someone here grows them successfully in the ground.


thanks a bunch


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I had Sunsprite - it died but that was my fault because I moved the fall after planting it and it was just too much for it. I would try it again. NB in case you don't know, Sunsprite is one of the worst cutting roses ever. It blows in one to two days. Doesn't bother me as I rarely cut roses.

Garden Party is one of my best HTs. I don't think you would call it white, it's the same colour sceme as Peace but paler. It lasts fairly well and does smell very nice. Kordes Perfecta is my best cutting rose but it doesn't smell. You will have a hard time finding many Floribundas that have a decent scent. Double Delight and Mr. Lincoln are probably the two best for your criteria. Oh yeah Fragrant Cloud would treat you well too if you can stomach the colour.

Have you considered Bucks or Austins? You should be able to grow them well in zone 3/4.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Whoops I just noticed you already have Distant Drums. It will be fine in the ground for you. Also if you want to look at any of the roses I listed, mine are posted on the alphabet threads in the gallery.

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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)

Thanks Northspruce

I didn't use Sunsprite as a cutting rose last year. I'm just now planning a bed that can be used for cutting purposes.

I have seen your photo's of Garden Party and they are very lovely, it will make it on the list just in case I see it offered for sale locally in the spring. Glad to hear that the scent is good. Fragrant Cloud can go in Hubby's section, he would like the colour. Perfecta would be nice as I can always mix it with some smellies.

I have 2 Bucks, Distant Drums and Folksinger. DD is a winner and will go in the ground this spring, I put it in a pot when I got it last year because it was very tiny and wanted it to grow on some. I do love this rose. Folksinger was a PM nightmare last year, if it doesn't shape up this year it will have a date with the shovel. Bucks are generally very hard to find around here.

I have Winchester Cathedral, Tradescant, Abe Darby, & The Mayflower already. Since they are doing well this spring I am adding Brother Cadfael, Christopher Marlow, Crocus Rose, Heritage, Spirit of Freedom, & Sharifa Asma.

The HT's and Floribunda's are Hubby's favourite flower form so I was looking to add some he would like that we can use as cut flowers as well.

Hopefully others will chime in with their suggestions and I will have a good list to take shopping.


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sazzyrose(2b Sk)

Since I am in a colder zone than you, I have stayed away from the not so hardy roses.I'm lazy and do not want to cover.
I have quite a few of the Bucks and they seem to be wintering well so far. I do have Distant Drums, and has survived one winter so far.Although it is not really all that aggressive on own root.
If you can find the Bucks Prairie Star and Hawkeye Belle, grab them. They are similar in flower form to the HT's and seem to be quite hardy here.


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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)

Thanks Shelly,

I will keep an eye out for Prairie Star & Hawkeye Belle this spring. The only Buck I specifically remember seeing last spring was Prairie Princess.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Cathy, I also vote for Hawkeye Belle. It's the best rose for cutting I have by far. I got mine from Pickering nursery 4 years ago, and it's done very well. I also got Folksinger from them at the same time too, and haven't had a problem with PM on it. I love the colour and scent of Folksinger, but the flowers tend to blow quickly unfortuneately.

I've also had grandiflora 'Love' for 2 winters now, and it does well as a cut flower too.


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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)


Looks like Hawkeye Belle is a must have. My Folksinger was a real problem child last summer, I only had one bloom all season. I sure hope it is better this year.

Already placed the Pickering order in the fall,...sigh, sure wish they would let you add to it. I would add HB & Love in a heartbeat.


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shootingstar2(zone 3/4)

Hawkeye Belle is sold out at Pickering ...oh well...c

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