Best Marker for Daylily Labels

alameda/zone 8May 15, 2013

What is the best marker for daylily labels? Mine fades easily - I just tried a spray on polyurethene but it smeared the ink. Am sure I will have to order - would like one that would be permanent and not fade too badly. Thanks!

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I use a label maker at work, and it doesn't fade.

I don't know how good Sharpies are for long-term sunfastness, but I can confirm that blue is better than black, and both are better than red.


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I read pencil is the best, I also read someone that will label it on top and below the mulch just in case.

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I usually mark on both sides of a label just in case one side fades. I have had good results using a Uni Paint Oil Base Paint Marker that I get on the Lily Auction. Sharpie also makes a paint marker that I've picked up at Michaels. Living in FL with the hot sun a paint marker is the best for marking.

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Nancy zone 6

I usually use a labelmaker now but I've used the permanent Sharpies & the paint pens. Both work well, but you have to make sure the sharpies are the permanent markers. Paint pens are better (black in those though, not blue, at least for me), but the best, cheapest I think are grease pencils.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

I found some great aluminum markers at Antique Rose Emporium ( that are easily indented with a ball point pen. I tie them onto a U shaped wire I cut from clothing hangers (about six inches tall) and stick into the ground next to the daylily. I also, on a side note, mark perrenials that I just want to remember where they are planted as opposed to what they are, with chopsticks given with our chinese food orders!! They are longer than most markers, and better looking than plastic knifes.

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alameda/zone 8

I read that clear fingernail polish painted over the name helps - I am trying that. Has anyone ever tried this?

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I started using a black paint pen I bought at wal mart last spring and so far the markers thst I have done with them are not faded, at least not yet, after being in 100 plus last spring.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I'm a little late posting to this, but I use a Brother P-Touch label maker and its wonderful! I have some that are a number of years old and they look as good as new. I just buy the aluminum plant makers and stick the labels on them. Make sure to get the laminated label tape. You can get the label maker for about $50 and replacement tape for about $12


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There's a thread on the daylily forum over at All things Plants that discusses various markers.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I used the label maker my first year, and found some fades very badly the first year, then some of them been out for 3 years and not faded at all.then I used sharpies to mark them and they faded bad the first year,and now I have a few daylilies that I have no idea yet who they I have used the black paint to write names on the markers, that I buy at wal mart,and they don't seem to fade, but I do push them in the ground with the names facing the daylily and not the sun.Would like to be able to buy the aluminum markers for my plants, but, cant afford them, but these walmart larger size works good as long as you don't accidently step on them and break them off at ground level, like I done a couple of them.
oh, and I have used plastic venetian blinds cut into about 8 inch long to write the name on them, That works pretty good, too,as if you accidently step on them, they just bend over without breaking.


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In addition to markers, it's important to have a diagram of your flower beds, showing where each plant is located.

I do this, using a spreadsheet. At the moment, I'm almost finished with the task of dividing and transplanting every cultivar in my daylily beds, and that diagram has been invaluable.

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If I'm going to pay good money for the daylily, I pay good money for an engraved label. No worries about fading. this is most of the label on Red Eyed Fantasy showing. (I try to avoid the labels in pics, but don't always take time when I am shooting a lot of photos.)

And I totally agree with Faraway Farmer; always make a chart. You never know when kids or a prankster will decide to "rearrange" your labels.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

Judith, Wal Mart sells a paint Pen in the craft dept. The black, fine point works well for me. At least a couple of years. Also office supply ordered me some markers that the cleaners uses to mark clothing that's washed. it lasts well too! Ellie

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My garden markers are getting old. I've reused them numerous times. As they had started looking tacky, I spray painted them with a dark neutral gray.

I purchased a package of Avery Lazer Labels that fit the face of the markers. Using the matching Avery template, I created the documents with the information I wanted on the labels, 30 per sheet. Printed on plain paper I showed it to the tech at Office Depot printing department and asked if they would print the document on my lazer labels with their lazer printer. They agreed, and so I sent them by email my saved label documents as an attachment to an email with instructions per our conversation in the store.

The labels turned out great, and I have used the markers for years without much fading.

For seedlings I prefer the paint pen from the craft department of Wal-Mart on cut mini blinds. I'll use a different color blind to write notes in pencil, with wax marker or a very fine point paint pen from Michaels. I've used all three.

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Not the best but the cheapest - plain pencil on cut plastic blinds is still legible after 2-3 years. I also write on both sides, but either squirrels or birds can easily move them. Mainly I use those metal markers with the special black pencil that came with them (it's very soft) but it fades in a year, have to write again.
And then I also make 'maps' of my beds, just on paper. Only for DLs. Other plants lost their blinds markers and now I don't know who is who in say astilbes and lilies, but I only have a few of each.
Haven't tried a nail polish.

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Oh yes! Here's a great little mini-blind snatcher!

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Oh, what a cutie!

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I'm sure with that innocent face, he or she is just trying to help:)

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

What a cutie the little doggy is.I map of my garden and placement of the daylilies wouldn't do me a lot of good, as I have a bunch of mine in pots and I am always moving them around.I have lost a few dormants so I am going to dig up the others I have that's dormant, and pot them, too.Dont seem to lose any in pots and they do much better.


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The little dog is adorable!

I have tried a lot of labels and labeling materials over the years and now prefer the Stainless Steel plant markers by Wren. I like to purchase these markers in lots of 50 online through a company called Bosmere for the best price. I used to mark the plant name with special pens for this purpose and the ink only lasted about 3 to 5 years. So about 8 years ago I converted to the Brother p-touch TZe label tape to identify all my plants. This tape is laminated for outdoor use and to prevent fading from UV rays. It is also water resistant. The labels still look as good as the day I put them on. The stainless steel markers are great because they can be cleaned and relabeled if a plant leaves the garden.

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lola939(z5 RI)

I use metal markers purchased from ebay they are 11.5 in tall. I use Avery Clear Mailing Labels and print the names on a laser printer. Just peel them off and stick them on the metal. They last for years. Make sure you buy Laser labels and use a laser printer.

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I have also been using the Brother p-touch TZe printer. I print the label and adhere it to aluminum strips that I cut from aluminum soda pop cans. The aluminum can is easy to cut with scissors to the size that I want. I then punch a hole in the end of the strip with a paper hole punch for mounting. The label has stuck to the aluminum strip very well and has endured a lot of weather without fail. This is cheap except for the purchase of the label maker (about 30 bucks), effecient and lasting.

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