Dividing alstromeria?

petunia2(z3B, AB Canada)February 7, 2011

My two pots of alstromeria (about 10") bought last year and overwintered in a heated garage, are now showing the start of green growth. They've been watered and moved into a window for more light.

Advice, please, on what to do next, and especially whether it is feasible to divide them and grow extra plants for this season.

I've read a long thread on this topic from 2006, and it sounds like others have successfully done this--but how? Do you gently separate the tubers, or actually cut pieces apart and repot them--and is the right time of year to do this? While I'd love to have many (!) more alstros, I don't want to jeopardize the original plants either!

Advice much appreciated!

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Yup, I've done it may times. The root structure is actually similar to that of a daylily in some ways, and to a dahlia in some ways. What I've done is just carefully removed from the soil, shake off as much soil as possible, and try to gently tease them apart the way one would snarled hair or tangled rope or something -- slowly, carefully, and with a minimum of force. You probably won't really need to cut anything, but might want a sharp knife on hand just in case.

The good news is, if you break off little tuberous roots/tubers/whatever-the-heck-they-are, they quite often will regrow from the far end (end away from the original plant).

Really, if you had a nice healthy clump in a 10 inch/3 gallon sized pot last year, you probably could divide into as many as 3 or 4 pieces -- they grow quickly if given fresh soil and space.

I CAN guarantee you that you won't hurt it -- they're pretty tough, actually.

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petunia2(z3B, AB Canada)

Thanks for the advice...I'll give it a try!

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