Dwarf / Potted Fig

andreboxFebruary 21, 2012

I am interested in growing a small potted fig tree. Something no taller than 2-3 feet and that bears a few fruit. Something like this:


I am not familiar with dwarf plants. How are they created? Do you just keep plant in a small pot? Can I just take a cutting from my large backyard fig tree and keep it in a small pot?

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I'm not sure that a true dwarf fig tree exists. No doubt some trees are better than other for fig culture, but it's not like apples where there are specific root stocks that have been developed over many years and are used via grafting.

Many folks grow all different varieties of fig trees in pots and get fruit. A 2-3 foot tree can produce fruit if pruned properly.

By all means take a cutting from your tree and stick it in a pot. You may want to do three in case one or two don't take. Then after the summer you can keep the biggest one. Or all three (but not in the same pot).

If you keep it indoors during the winter make sure it is either in a cold garage (so it can stay dormant, but not frozen) or, if you are going to keep it growing (more difficult), in a place that is sunny enough to keep it going through the winter (large south-facing window is best). If it goes all winter without any direct sunlight it will not do well.


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Rob, thanks for the info; it helps.

Any specifics on pruning to get it to fruit in a pot? Or will a general, consistent, proportional pruning of the top and roots suffice?

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All fig trees can be pot grown and maintained(pruned) small.
Not sure which F.carica qualifies as being a true dwarf?
I have heard that Petit Nigra is one, but from
my experiece, it is not much different in growth
from its cousin, the VdB.
One fig I do have that seems to mantain shallow
(horizontal) growth in pot is my
Wuhan (SSE-LA MC R 06) fig, org. China

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Another fig_nut person just started a similar thread on the other fig forum.
I may be of some more interest to you:

Here is a link that might be useful: dwarf varieties

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Yes indeed, true dwarf and fruiting fig trees do in fact exist. Here is a listing for a dwarf Brown Turkey fig tree on eBay.

Here is a link that might be useful: True dwarf fig tree

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Growing any tree as a 'bonsai' is very different from it being a true dwarf.
Most trees can be 'maintained' that way (as bonsai); wonder if the Giant Sequoia can be tamed too?

As an example of a true dwarf, which I have, is the Pixie bougainvillea (most are climbers).

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Dwarf definition:

a. An abnormally small person, often having limbs and features atypically proportioned or formed. b. An atypically small animal or plant.

Like I've said earlier, that listing was for a true DWARF fig tree. That dwarf is not your "typical" brown turkey fig tree.

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Plant that bonsai in the ground and it will grow to "normal" fig tree size. Golem jade- dwarf, Tom Thumb lettuce- dwarf, Pistou basil- dwarf. These have genetics to be small on their own without any help.

Figs do not need to be dwarfed like an apple tree does, apples in most orchards I have seen are dwarfed to fig tree size actually.

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There are ways to produce a true dwarf fig tree other than genetics. WetEars (the original poster) expressed an interest in growing one. I have graciously provided a link to such a desired true dwarf and fruiting fig tree......and for a very reasonable price.

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Sounds like mad scientist stuff to me KingFig. I do not think that a bonsai is what the op wants though. They said 3 foot up there and your bonsai is only like 9 inches and would have to be retrained to be like what they want. That trunk would have to go and the top reworked from a sucker and all that would take years and require lots of knowledge to pull off.

That turkey is clogged up so freaking bad. Did anyone else notice the high-tide line on the trunk? lol

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I have a new little dwarf fig in a pot. How often should I fertilize it?

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