Tuesday's daylilies

Nancy zone 6May 29, 2012

Some new flowers & some you have seen before from me

Mystical Rainbow

Autumn Wedding, I tried to get a picture of the clump but light reflected off the flowers. There were 3 flowers facing one direction, with this one flower off by itself looking in the opposite direction. Maybe they were just jealous

Jamaican Music, I had to reach over to take this picture & didn't see a dead flower from a neighboring daylily jumping in with it

Celestial Army

Heaven's Proclaim's first bloom for this year. I do like a daylily that just jumps right in & looks pretty at the first bloom

I just really like Aztec Beauty

Beyond Riches

Pandora's Treasure again

Strawberry Candy

I think I just forget each year how bright Fooled Me is, I'm always amazed all over again :)

Now All Fired Up is much more colorful than previous years. I've always thought it looked washed out compared to photos on line, at least til now.

Nordic Night

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Lots of pretties blooming at your house today starting right off with the first one, Mystical Rainbow. Strawberry Candy looks awefully good but I think Fooled Me is my favorite today.

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Julia NY(6)

Look at the sculpting on BEYOND RICHES. I believe that is the right term.
I agree, AZTEC BEAUTY is lovely.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

ngraham , they are all pretty special but I am chosing All Fired Up as my fav...

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shive(6b TN)

Heavens Proclaim is just my kind of daylily. It looks huge! Is it? Jamaican Music is another one I like a lot.


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You have a lot blooming at your house already, Nancy. Very nice pictures of some very nice plants. We are a few weeks behind you. All I have open right now are Orangeman, Carefree Peach - which is loaded with buds this year, FFO today on Firestarter, Prairie Blossoms, and Pennys Worth. Did you notice how many of your blooms were polys?


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Nancy zone 6

Thanks Rita, Fooled Me looked really good to me today too.
Julia, Beyond Riches had some sculpting last year, but I don't think it was this obvious. The photos I have from last year don't look so pronounced. Maybe it needed to settle in a bit.
Thanks Ellie!
Debra, Heavens Proclaim is indeed huge, not as tall as I would expect for such a large flower. It really stands out.
Linda, daylilies are really blooming, getting pretty close to peak, & not the end of May yet. Unbelievable! In a normal year I only have 2 or 3 blooming now. I have noticed several polys, I had 2 yesterday too. There was a poly today on Jamaican Me Crazy, its first bloom, but it was pretty wild looking so I didn't take a photo.

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All are very nice. I think my fav out of these would be Heavens Proclaim! 'Fooled Me' reminds me a bit of one I have that begins blooming as a single and then as the summer heats up, it will double. I'll have to find a picture of it. It has not fully doubled yet, but is trying to!

Your 'Beyond Riches' is awesome too!


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Ok, this flower is 'Two Part Harmony' Your 'Fooled Me' blooms reminds me of it.

It started blooming so early here, I hope that it will double before the end of the bloom season... It certainly is hot enough for it now!!

Trying to double

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You have a lot of lovely ones blooming today. I like Folled me really well, and Heaven's Proclaim is a beauty, but that gorgeous poly of Autumn Wedding is a stunner. Love it!

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WOW!! great grouping I think my favorite would be Heaven's Proclaim.

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Nancy zone 6

Sheila, I have Two Part Harmony too, it bloomed for the first time this year & hasn't doubled yet. I thought of it too when I saw Fooled Me.
Autumn Wedding has been doing really well this year. It was nice last year, but has settled in better I think & really looking good.
Linda, last year Heaven't Proclaim was looking at me every morning when I went out the door. It is across the yard, but so big. This year the blooms insist on looking toward the wall of the shop, it thinks I've put it in time out or something.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Heavens Proclaim and Aztec Beauty are my picks.

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Two Part Harmony does not consistently bloom double for me. I have others that always bloom double. Buckeye Barn Stormer is not as tall but it is in the same color range and always blooms double.

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