How to tell if injured by cold?

zecowsayFebruary 14, 2012

Hi, so this has been my first year with figs.

I bought 2 chicago hardy on a trip to NYC last year. (I live faaar upstate) They grew like weeds. (filling a gallon, 3 gallon and finally going into a 5 gallon pot before the end of growing season) I got 7 fruit off of each plant around September and let them stay outside until we got our first frost. They've been out on our unheated porch ever since.

I've read that Chicago hardy will take more cold than any other fig and die back to roots if too cold, but I can't find any reliable info about WHEN this happens. We've had an unseasonably warm winter.(for zone 4 in upstate, that's one day of -15 w/ windchill, as opposed to a couple days of -30 w/ windchill)I went out and checked them yesterday and the trees looked exactly as I had left them a couple of months ago. I took a razor slice cut of bark off of one and it was green underneath. Does that mean they've survived without dieback? Does anyone know exactly what their cold threshhold is? And How much cold they can take before dieback?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for any answers!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You got it right. Green tissue is alive, brown is dead. I don't think figs will take much below 10F. Mine have never survived the winter here without dieback and I'm now listed as zone 8.

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In Order for the branches to be alive the leaf buds have to be alive on the green ,live branches.
You need to dissect dormant buds and see if they are green or brown inside.
The branch is alive to the point where you find the first live bud.
If buds are dead the branch will eventually die later,even if green now.!

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