In SK, can I plant my 'over-wintered' geraniums now?

fillagirlFebruary 1, 2010

Hello there, I am wondering if it is still too early to pull my "over-wintered" geraniums out of their paper bags and plant? I am so itching to get some things growing...

While I'm asking, I also harvested some daylily seeds from my plants last summer and want to plant those too. Is it too soon yet? If yes, when would be a good time? I'm in SK in Zone 2b.

Thank you!

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I'm far from an expert, but here's my two cents worth =:)

Gardening, in my opinion, is an experiment in which no two situations are alike. Just because something will work for me in my yard, doesn't guarantee it will work in yours. You, of course, know that.

Having said that, if you're "itching" go for it! Plant half of what you're wanting to now and half later. It is a bit early, but what harm can it do? If it works, that's great, and if it doesn't you'll know better next time.

I think there's threads here you could research, although I find it's hard to get much info for Saskatchewan growing conditions. It seems a lot of people on this forum are lucky enough to live in warmer places.

I've tried to overwinter geraniums the same way a seasoned gardener friend has for years, and all mine died.

Good luck! =:)

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Hi nutsaboutflowers, thanks for your response! Are you in SK too? This is my 2nd winter of over-wintering, I think last year about 1/3 - 1/2 of my geraniums that I overwintered came back to life. I am debating about planting them now or at the end of Feb, but it seems last year it took a while for them to bloom even after I got them outside in pots.

Good idea about trying 1/2 now and 1/2 later, I think I will do that. I am in Regina, where are you ?(if you don't mind me asking).

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I just started my cuttings -- I have limited success with them, but they need to be started earlier. I'm trying overwintering -- in a box in the basement, they didn't get to a bag in a cupboard. I'll keep them in the box until I can keep them in my greenhouse, probably late March. I just don't have room to do anything else.

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I just leave my geraniums in their pots and put them in the cool basement. I bring them up in March or April when I see signs of new life and most often they grow. I've kept some plants for several years and others don't make one year.

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