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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9February 7, 2013

I just found you guys! I love figs. I live in central Calif where it used to be the fig growing capital of the state and probably the nation. Those beautiful trees have now given way to housing tracks.

I have a very small yard but have two Petite Negras (one I grew from a fig) and the other I got from Edible Landscaping. I also grow a green and white striped fig whose name I don't know. The Petite Negras I have several trunks on them as I grow them more as a "bush" than a tree. Makes for a much easier harvest and I grew them in pots for years until I could finally afford a house here. I love those figs. So, so sweet with a closed eye. They are wonderful.

My striped fig is relatively new. Didn't really produce at all last year and I am wondering if it produces every other year. When it did produce the fruit was amazingly sweet and wonderful.

Our local state university has a fig fest every year in August. Love fig fest. Great event.

Nice to see other fig lovers out there. BTW since I have one VERY prolific tree, I have lots of canned fig jam that I produce each year. That way, I can enjoy my fig trees all year. I did severly prune my fig trees this year so we shall see how many figs I get this summer.

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Interesting: The 2 Petite Negra,you have,
One from Edible Landscaping
The other from a fig seed you got from the original one i presume!
My question:Since the one grown from a fruit,grew from a fertilized seed(The fig wasp is present),My question,is how different is the one made from seed,compared to mother tree ?.
Are the fruits different,in shape color taste etc?
We know that the one from seed is a hybrid,that had a mother and a father fig,so it should have genes from both parents.

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You could have made a lot of trades with all those cuttings you had.

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Welcome ! MustBnuts

Learn how to save cuttings so when you prune your fig trees you can use the cuttings to trade for more diffrent fig cultivators .


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