organic_kitten(8)May 26, 2012

Westbournes Sassafrass Taffy Pull:

New one: Forsyth's Princess Leah:

Hot Stuff: Flames Over Africa:

Poly...Paul Owen's Crazy Mr. Jim:

Carnival Mask again:

Deliverer Twins:

Visual Appeal:

Eyes of Distinction:

Oldie but goodie; Mulberry Marvel:

Finishh with a delicate one; donna Jack:

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Gorgeous!!! all of them they are all blue ribbon winners to me.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Fabulous group of daylilies. Tried to pick a favorite, but there are too many beauties.

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Cindy zone 6a

Very nice, I do like Visual Appeal, and the bee looks like he is ready to make a landing!! Must appeal to the bee!!

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Deliverer and Flames Over Africa are my favorites and your Eyes of Distinction looks better than mine ever did last year. The rabbits here have their choice of 700 daylilies to gnaw on and yet they've chosen Crazy Mr. Jim at least 6 times. I may never see a bloom on it.

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Nancy zone 6

Would be much easier to say which ones I like the least, and that wouldn't be exactly easy. Westbournes Sassafrass Taffy Pull, Crazy Mr. Jim, Carnival Mask, Visual Appeal, & Eyes of Distinction all tie for 1st place, the rest tie for 2nd.

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For sure, Sassafrass Taffy Pull is in my sights, and I am really drawn to Carnival Mask and Eyes Of Distinction. I also like Crazy Mr. Jim, but after reading the "rabbit story", maybe I should pass on him, for we do get rabbits here every so often. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, KAY, They are all beauties. just love that Deliverer Twins:..and Eyes of Distinction: carnival mask is a beauty, too.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I love Eyes of Distinction, such a pretty color. And what a great picture of Visual Appeal with the little bee flying in for a landing. So cute. You know I like Westbournes Sassafrass Taffy Pull and the new one, Forsyth's Princess Leah is a beauty. Great blooms today again!

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Thank you so much for looking and commenting.The season is still going at a tremendous bloom pace. A few eaarly favorites are finished ...Malaysian Marketplace for one, but I have a good many yet to open the FFO.
Linda and Val. There have been many lovely blooms. had just over a hundred different ones blooming again today.

Cindy...the bees were everywhere this morning early.

Dips and tets...The rabbits must want to cut the number they hae to harvest since Crazy Mr. Jim is far and away the largest bloom I have. You must like the hot ones like I do.

Nancy. It's always hard to choose if you should really like more than one of the pictured ones.

Avedon...E of D has done very very well since year one is my garden. The blooms on WEstbourne's STP are very large too, eight inches across at least.

Thanks Jean. I have several favorites here.

Rita, Visual appeal is one of those that poses for you as long as you spray for thrips. It just photographs well. Everyone who posts here knows they will see E of D at least a couple times. Princess Lean is bigger than Citrix, and it was well formed and clear for a first bloom.

As usual, I get a little tired at this point, but the blooms are so pretty, I have to l keep taking photos...I kept 143 today. It adds up.

I am glad a lot more people'sare beginning to post now. I like to see what else I might need. I moved three out to wait for my daughter, but I have 3 coming next week from Richard at CT daylilies, so I am not sure I gained much.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I am not sure if I will move any out or not. I guess I will decide after bloom season. But I spent my money on Spring bulbs this year so there really is no daylily budget left over ha-ha. Don't matter as I have no empty spots so all is good.

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Rita, I have at least three more to move, but it is due to doubles, not one's that I don't care to keep. There are a couple more I want, but I may not buy anymore this year. Right. Your garden is going to be packed with bulbs, but beautiful.

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What a collection of beauties! It's a toss-up between Westbourne's Sassafrass Taffy Pull, Forsyth's Princess Leah, Crazy Mister Jim and Eyes of Distinction. I need all of them!


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shive(6b TN)

My favorite is Visual Appeal. I liked it so much, I tried to look it up. But there is no Visual Appeal in the AHS database or any photos of it anywhere on the Internet but here. Could this be Visual Arrest, by any chance? The description on the database fits.

Others here I think are super pretty are Carnival Mask and Eyes of Distinction. Deliverer reminds me of an updated version of Flames Over Africa. Both are very distinctive eyemarked reds.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Oh my, these are all so stunning and wonderful to see. This is getting me so excited about my upcoming season, first the roses bloom and then the daylilies and lilies.
It is such a long wait for us here in the north but we keep our chins up by looking at gorgeous photos like yours!
It would be impossible to pick just one because I love them ALL, but that Westbourne Sassafrass Taffy Pull and
Eyes of Distinction can hop a plane and come live in my garden anytime...LOL.


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brittie(Houston 9a)

Wow, I really love that first one. Super pretty!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Kay, I would be very surprised if you manage not to buy any more new daylilies for the rest of the year! But for me, well the not buying new is a pattern for me. I bought roses for years and years and then moved them around like I do with the daylilies. Eventually filled up my rose beds, no more room so haven't bought a new one in years. Same with the Tall Bearded Iris, filled up my iris and didn't buy any new last year and probably not this year.

It seems like once I get the beds filled and can't make new ones it is not like I don't ever want to buy new ones but the crazy urge to just add and add seems to go mostly away. But I find another plant crazy to buy, this year spring bulbs!

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Well, I still have a number of plants that need to be distributed just because there are duplicates, or something doesn't look as I expected it to look, or I just don't get enough blooms...and then I fall in love with some that are posted by my favorite enablers...or my taste changes after I get so many of a type..and I replace some of them. the bulk is planted, however. and I too am about through buying roses unless I replace one. I bought five iris last year, and have two that I might get this year. And I am not planning to plant 750 bluns this year...maybe 500. so I am getting my garden set.

thanks Brittie.

Actually, Flames Over Africa is Red, but Deliverer is more Orange, Debra.

Just think, Celeste, WE will get to se all of your beauties as ours die down.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I have already ordered over 2,500 bulbs. And I plan to still order at Scheepers which I haven't yet done.

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