Cold Hardy Fig Trees

Chad5(6)February 9, 2014

Hello all, I am looking to buy a few fig cuttings in the near future to root and hopefully get in the ground by summer. I live in central NJ in zone 6b. Can someone please reccommend some fig varieties that taste great and that can withstand our cold winters here. If anyone has any experiences with cold hardy figs can you please share. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thank you, Chad

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Chad, you are a lucky fig person to be living in a zone 6b.

I wished I lived in a 6b. Which is were I thought we were, when we bought our house, 40 years ago. But, our location turned out to be a zone 5b/6a.

The first fig we bought was a Hardy Chicago. At the time every one recommended it as the most cold hardy. But, it is not.

In the last 30 years a lot of cold hardy figs have been discovered. In the last 20 years even more cold hardy ones.

In the last ten years we have been growing and testing figs for cold hardiness.

We have been able to identify many that are more cold hardy then Hardy Chicago.

If you or any one else would like a list of figs that have done well for us, in ground, in our cold, Connecticut, 5b/6a zone location.

Simply send to me a direct email. Send to:

I will attaché the list to the return email to you.


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Thank You Bob for the fast response. I'm having some computer trouble so I won't be able to open file until I get to work. Thanks so much for your help!!! Chad

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Hello Chad-

In addition to the fig varieties that Rob Harper will recommend, treat yourself to a trip and go see Bill's Figs, in Flemington, NJ.

Bill has dozens of varieties that will do well in your area, and also runs fig seminars, etc. Check out his web-site.

Happy hunting, and good growing. Try Sal's EL for a "hardier" variety. There are others.


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Thanks Frank. I will check them out!

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I have had good luck with Marseilles Black VS. Both
of mine have ben outside for several yrs with no
protection I would think they would be ok in NJ
with minimum protection.You might check with
Jersey folks or those in colder zones with their experience with this variety.

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Thanks tandrew31. I tried to order cuttings from another site, however, between my screwed up computer, and my limited computer skills, I don't think my order went through. My order was never confirmed and others have been as long as a week ago. Oh well. Marseilles black VS was one of them along with Hardy Chicago, Sals, and Gino's. I still have to do some more sniffin around but I've learned a ton here thanks to guys like Bob Harper and other GW members. Good Growin, Chad

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