The big Oaks in front is History

organic_kitten(8)May 1, 2012

The crew did a wonderful job, and I can't believe how well they cleaned up the area. Even the street has no SAWDUST:

Here is a picture so you can get an idea of the size of the tree, or at least the base of it.

The crew of three worked steadily for two day. Tomorrow they will be here to start trimming the two big oaks in the back. Not the major trim job which will come in the winter when they are dormant, but some that are infringing into dangerous places and dead limbs or "limblets"


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Wow, that's a big one. Guess you'll have a lot more sun for daylilies now. Glad they did such a good job.

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Julia NY(6)

I've got to old was that tree? Given the size, 100+ years?

Major tree removal and glad it went smoothly. Did you keep any of the mulch?


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Wow, since it was dangerous to keep, I am glad it is all gone. Sure looks like it was a big one!

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Val they were very careful and cleaned up as they went and as they finished. I would expect the tree was every bit of 100. We don't really know. Unfortunately, the bottom 6 feet or so had a hollow that was visible from the outside. It also was leaning very notably, and was just too dangerous to allow to remain with the wind and tornado problems we sometimes get. We lost one big oak tree to hurricane Ivan...right across our car.

Now Julia you surely suspect I would keep a huge pile of mulch, and I did. This I will use on pathways and larger areas, but not against any of my plants.

The crew will be back tomorrow, cutting limbs on the two huge trees in the back (and indeed I hope to open some of that area for daylilies) and I plan to have another big pile of mulch left in the back to allow to decay for future use.

The workers will be back in the winter to do a more through job of trimming the massive trees while the trees are

We had a difficult time finding a service that was willing to take on the job with the size of the trees and the hazards involved. (Wires and limbs over the roof of the house, so we are really relieved to find them and that they did such a good job.


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It is great that you found a good tree service in your area, especially one willing to take on a difficult job and be careful in the process as well as respectful of your property. Doesn't that mean a lot? Hang onto that number for the future! I was lucky to find a reputable guy who was just getting started about 20 years ago - now he has a big business but I've called him many times over the years. His crew has always been exemplary with clean up,always taking care not to damage our property, and that can't be over-emphasized. One time my next door neighbor got a "fly by night company" to cut a tree for her near the border of our properties and not only did they way overcharge but they left a big mess of leaves and debris. When they got ready to take the tree down, it came down in our yard and missed one of our copper bay windows by inches. ( talk about fit to be tied!The workers at that company had no respect for anyone's property.The neighbor now has my tree service number on file!) At any rate, this past fall when the idiot talking on his CP veered through our yard and drove up the side of our dogwood tree and through a daylily bed before overturning, I had to call the tree service to give me an estimate for the insurance adjusters. He is a certified arborist and when he wrote out the quote and said the tree would cost ( four figures) to replace, I never dreamed the insurance company would pay that without an argument. But would you believe they paid every cent he estimated without giving me any hassle? Everyone needs a good tree service from time to time!

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Nancy zone 6

That really is a huge tree! We had some people in last year to prune our bradford pears. We were losing them right & left & hoped that pruning would lighten them a bit. They did a good job at a very reasonable price, but it wasn't a huge job like yours. I'm glad you found someone good to tackle it.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Well,I know you are mighty happy to have that tree out of there, before another tornado comes close and could blow it over on your house.oak trees are not deep;y rooted like pine trees are.


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Thanks all for looking and commenting. One of the House Supervisors I wwworked with before I retired gave me the name of the man who owns this tree service. I owe him for this one.

It is sad to lose a huge tree like that. There is a small purple crepe myrtle and a fig three that have been stunted in the oaks shadow that I expect to "take off" now.

We were worried that the tree might fall onb our neighbors house, not ours, but that is why we had to have it down...It was leaning her way.

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