Freaky winter has put fig on overdrive.

c6r1sFebruary 6, 2012

Hello, forums this my first post. This year has been a weird one for sure as expected back in Dec my figs droped there leafes for winter but less than 2 weeks later it started put putting out new shoots and now its feburary and I'm already getting figs in my 10 years of gardenning I have never seen anything like it and these are trees are older than me so i know what there schedules are. So i put this out You all on the interwebs help find a reason on why mother nature has changed so much over the last couple of years. PS if anyone has cutting they want to send to me I will be happy to raise them.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Iceland was once called Vineland. They used to raise grapes there. I think the expectation that weather and climate should remain unchanging from year to year and decade to decade, (a concept that lots of folks embrace), is unrealistic.

The important thing is that your trees survive. They will do this pretty well on their own. All we can do is help them along a little as best we can.

Interestingly enough...during my second year at Lake Havasu, it never froze. My trees never did drop all their leaves at one time, and I assume that means they never went dormant. But they grew like gangbusters that year and produced a lot of figs.

I wish I had cuttings to share with you. Next year I will. This year, after moving to another area, I am starting over.

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My fig trees have leafed out early this year too. When that happens I always pray for no late frosts. Cycling warm then cold winter temperatures that often occur in the Gulf Coast region can be murder on fruit trees.

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