help - fig treeling w early leaves

kenzo(6)February 19, 2014


Last summer I rooted cuttings from my Great-Grandfathers fig tree. The family house has been sold and this is my remembrance

This winter on an early deep freeze I brought the potted rootings indoors and placed them in the coldest room in my house - apparently it was not cold enough

The branches have now sprouted leaves! It is still very cold mid-winter here in Philadelphia

What do I do?

I was thinking I should just let them believe - water them lightly and move to the sunniest warmest part of the house? Maybe put them outside on warm days and just try to nurture them along until spring,

Please your advice is appreciated - these little trees are irreplaceable to me.

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ok well the above is what I did hope it was the right thing

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The other alternative is grow lights, but if you get them some sun they should do OK until spring. Then do the 'fig shuffle' keeping them outside when it stays warm, back in if there is danger of cold.

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thanks - I don't have grow lights or anywhere to put them but I can leave the lights on in the sunny kitchen where they are relocated to during the day to help. I really need to not kill these trees! - They seem pretty study and well-rooted so I hope they will be OK.

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If you keep them cooler and in a low light room it will slow down the growth. Putting them in a warmer room with more light will speed up the growth.
Both my grandfathers grew figs but lived far away, so I don't have any of their figs. I hope your trees do well to help you remember your great grandfather. Do you know what type of fig it is?

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Thanks, i guess I will just try to baby them along until they can go outside - thinking next year I just need to put them in bigger pots and wrap very well.

I don't know what kind of figs they are, they were just figs i don't think anybody thought much about it. I will be excited when the tree finally gets to bearing stage to taste my childhood again. The parent tree was grown in the Bronx and my Great-Grandfather was was from Campagna the house had been in the family since around 1900 I assume the tree was much much younger but after years of neglect it was huge and sprawling so I know it is a hardy tree once established and I think it will thrive in my sunny but small urban yard. Just need to keep them alive until they establish.

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