What should I do with my poorly fig?

Neeniej9February 1, 2013


I hope you can help. I have this Fiddle Leaf Fig and have had for 18 months. It's progressively getting sicker. I've read extensively on watering and I do let it dry out between waters. However there seem to be 2 main issues:
1) leaves go brown at the edges
2) the top leaves go "rusty" as in have little orange dots all over them.

You can see it's leaning too, and this is the door uses most often in and out of the house which I don't think it likes. However the room which is lightest in the house is also didnt seem to like before.

I am in the Highlands of Scotland and wonder if this is a problem and it's just not getting enough light ever.

Is he beyond hope? I would like to post 2 pics and dont know how so sorry if i mess it up on here.

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and yes I know I need to tidy the bookshelves :-)

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You will probably get better advice in the houseplant forum. We talk about the edible fig here. Do you have any of those in your area?

The black tips are a sign of too much salt in the potting mix, I am not sure about the top leaves though. My guess is spider mites.

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thanks will give it a go x

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