how are fig trees shipped?

bart1(6/7 Northern VA)February 10, 2011

Are figs trees (not cuttings) shipped bare root, like apples, peaches, plums etc, or are they shipped in dirt?

And if the answer to the first question is "bare root" is there a compelling reason to order from a place like Edible Landscaping that ships the plants in dirt?



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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Some ship with bare rooted when the tree is fully dormant, some in the pot.
Bare rooted trees can suffer from transplant shock, but since it's dormant they tend to be okay. Tree in a pot is more convenient, but can cost more to ship. and it can be shipped at anytime of year.


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What I worry about when planting a tree that was grown in a pot is that they could be root bound. I lost some trees this last year. Two of them were over five years old from Edible Landscaping. I bare rooted them after digging them up. Both trees roots where in the shape of a small pot swirling and twisted. As the trees grew the roots choked each other out and the trees never thrived.

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I agree with what Bass said. I, myself have never had any trouble with a dormant bare root fig trees. They take off just fine for me. Like thisisme said, root bound potted figs can cause problems. I like to unpot them while dormant and untangle the roots and remove the problem ones before planting in ground or repotting. There are many threads on this and the other fig forum that explain in detail how this is done. Just do a search. Hope this helps. Tim

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It depends on the nursery. My experience with bare foot is not encouraging. So I insist on shipping in dirt and pot. I pay more that is fine. Yes if Fig trees are shipped dormant barefoot is OK. The problem is I did not find any nursery who ships dormant trees. They say we ship after all the danger of frost is gone that Mid-may and the trees are not dormant any more. (That stupid Nursery was so tardy they shipped me trees in full bloom and even has some Figs on the branches and it was bare feet.) When I argued with the nursery to ship now. The answer was what are you going to do with it you have snow outside and below freezing temperature. I could not argue more. I guess if you can find a nursery to ship dormant bare feet then you plant it in a pot and keep it inside the house it could work.

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I sold a few dozen,young bare rooted fig tree and they all lived and grew ,in the new homes.
However I had an older fig (4yrs old),shipped to California bare rooted and it died.
In The Sommer time it is prudent shake the tree and remove most potting soil but not all,off the roots.
It is Illegal to send trees with soil in states,the other side of Missisipi river,by law,however.
Best Regards

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