Did I just kill our fig tree?

plantperson99February 18, 2013

We have a tree in a container, and now have no garage or shed in which to overwinter it. Not sure what kind it is - took a cutting from my grandfather's tree that may have come from Portugal. It has 2 crops a year and the figs are dark, tiny and very sweet. Whenever the weather drops below freezing, we bringit into the basement (warm) for the night. Last night it went down to 16 and we didn't realize it, so it was outside. We had it against the house wrapped in a tarp, with a blanket around the pot, but it seems like the dirt is frozen. Is there any way to save it (watering it with room temp water?) Should we leave it in the basement if it does live, despite the warm temp (can only get it to the high 50s if we close the vents) since it's so close to spring here? Thanks for any help...

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If mine i would bring it in the basement and wait until the weather breaks in your area.
You had it covered which helped it that cold night but i would bring it in basement .

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That's probably a good idea. I wasn't sure about having it break dormancy so early. If I bring it inside, there's no sun in the basement, and once it leafs out, it could be too cold outside to put it back out in the sunlight. I guess I won't know if it's alive unless I bring it in, though, and we don't have much choice anyway. Either freeze outside or stay in the warm, dark basement. We just moved here, and need to build a shed.

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