Figs on Oregon Coast?

TwistiesFebruary 18, 2013

We just moved to the Brookings, OR area and are excited to be able to grow some different things. We are about 1/2 mile off the Pacific at 425' elevation. Was wondering how figs might do here. Have read that Conadria, King or White Genoa might be best for a cool coastal climate.

We get plenty, and more, of winter rain, a dry summer. It doesn't freeze to speak of... a light frost at worst, but we don't get much summer heat. Well, we don't get summer heat at all, really.

We have a flat with clayey soil, poor drainage, and good sun.

We also have a north facing hillside with deep loam and much better drainage. It gets reasonable sun near the top, and that's where I was thinking putting the fig.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Welcome to Brookings. I have heard desert king does well in your climate. You might check the other forum if you don't get many suggestions here. Lots of knowledgable folks over there can help.

We lived in Brookings when i worked at The Bay just before I retired. Brookings is beautiful, but the climate was too much for us. Not enough sun.

Good luck!


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you might also post this question at

just click on the forum

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)

In your climate there are two types of figs that should do well: 1) figs that produce a large breba crop and 2) figs that ripen an early main crop. Desert King is the old standby for producing a large breba crop. I have one in my yard and in my opinion the fruit is very nice for a green fig. Celeste if a variety that produces a large main crop early in the season (as far as main crops go). Celeste figs are very nice, although in your cool climate they may not develop full flavor. But if you have the space it still may be worth growing a Celeste tree to see how it does.

KiwiBob has a website that discusses how different varieties do up in coastal Washington state. You can check that out and see what does well up there. I'm sure the conditions are pretty similar to yours.

Good luck with everything. Hope you find what grows best for you.


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