Soap berries/nuts

trudyuMay 16, 2009

I have been thinking of trying to grow a soap berry/nut tree. I live in Pinellas county and have unable to find a source for the plant/tree. From the research I've done I get the impression they grow wild and could be on any piece of open land. Anyone familiar with them? Does anyone have such a tree that is going un harvested? Does anyone have a small tree they would like to sell or know where there might be one available?

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trudyu, if you post this message on the Discussion page I think you'll get a response. Your question is definitely 'on topic' for the garden forum. Not many members of the forum come here to the Conversations page.

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the sapindus mukorossi grows wild in the Himalayas. So if you are looking to grow them, perhaps find out at what level on the mountains they are most commonly found and work on that information. It may be that with some protection until they reach a few seasons they would be ok in a wide variety of micro climates.

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