Thursdays Beauties: some new ones

organic_kitten(8)May 24, 2012

First bloom on Bear Claws:

BC is one of my favorite reds, and a midseason bloomer. Huge blooms!

Paul Owen's Crazy Mr. Jim: Got it last year. It has a fairly large percentage of polys: Enormous Bloom!

Blueberry Breakfast:

This group,King of the Ages, was lovely today:

Carnival Mask was showing off:

Linda Beck is usually lovely:

Woman At the Well today:

Face Paint:


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I love King of the Ages! The mid ribs add to the look. Carnival Mask is a great one to. I'm getting into the UF's. Marg

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Julia NY(6)

CARNIVAL MASK is one eye catching pic. Lovely. I didn't realize CM was so intense in color. Do you think it looks like INTELLIGENT DESIGN? I went to the AHS database to see what the parents are on both but nothing similar in parentage.
KING OF AGES, FACE PAINT, and CRAZY MR.JIM caught my eye too.

I have to ask, you mentioned LINDA BECK in the post but no pic?


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I am surprised that BEAR CLAWS is my favorite. It must be that brilliant shade of RED !

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

OHHHHHHHHHKAY. I love BEAR CLAWS.gorgeous .CRAZY MR JIM IS A BEAUTY, TOO. KING OF THE AGES is a bright one and very pretty, too.WOMAN AT THE WELL is pretty.I had 3 blooms today on mine, but didn't take a photo.


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Thanks so much for looking.

Marg, Carnival Mask has been really good bloomer this year, and I have always loved the bloom of "King"

Julia, hmmm I don;t is Intelligent Design:

And Carnival Mask:

The colors are actually more alike than it would appear from these pictures. And the shape is similar although Carnival Mask is larger.

Here is Linda Beck...I was distracted when I was uploading:

Rita, you love the reds as much as I do...and /bear Claws is about as red as it gets!

Thanks Jean. They are still very pretty although my very earlies are mainly through except for rebloom and yet the mids are blooming along and the lates and very lates haven't started yet.

Planted Cast your Crown today. Lovely 3 fan clump of it.

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Breathtaking, all of them. So many I have never seen before, and that means they have to be put on that very long want list. Blueberry Breakfast is so nice--just saw it listed on the LA and there were quite a few bids, so it must be a goodie. Beautiful photo of King Of The Ages, Carnival Mask is intriguing, and Woman At The Well very nice, like those colors. Avedon

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shive(6b TN)

The Carnival Mask trio is my very favorite! The King of the Ages bloom look like they're dancing in a semicircle.


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I saw King of the Ages in a garden near here and was wowed. But scapes can lean a bit on a young plant; the bloom is so heavy.

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I love them all. It is hard to pick a favorite, however, I like King Of The Ages and Face Paint the best. All are lovely. Sarah

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Julia NY(6)

Kay: I've seen several photos of both and it always struck me that they looked very similar yet the parentage is different.

Lovely anyway.


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Bear Claws is really something and aptly named. Is it colorfast?

Love King of the Ages, OH NO, the wish list grows. And there is something about Woman at the Well that is just achingly beautiful.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

King of Ages is super pretty! As is Carnival Mask (love those colors) and also Linda beck.

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Gee Guys, you kept looking. Thank you
Avedon, it is one that is a unique color and another one that blooms a lot. I have it planted next to blueberry bushes, and there will eventually be a picture that includes is a neat grouping when it happens.

Ah yes, Debra, I don't know why Carnival Mask has bloomed so well this year..3 years old I guess.

Mantis, it does have huge blooms but supports them very well here.

Thanks Sarah. I really love eyes too.

I had never noticed it until you pointed it out, Julia.

Christine, lists always grow...nature of the beast. Bear Claws is pretty sunfast, but the place it is in tends to have some afternoon shade, so it isn't stressed. I love the shine it has.

Thanks have good taste in blooms..

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