Dwart Figs - What Varieties are They?

palmcityflFebruary 19, 2009

Many mail-order nurseries sell "dwarf figs" which they describe as not exceeding 6 feet in height. I've asked several nurseries which variety of fig they are. Most say that they don't know the variety, it depends on their suppliers. What varieties of figs are truly dwarf? I want to plant figs in the ground, I'm in Florida zone 10 on the Treasure Coast.

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The smallest tree in my collection is Violet De Bordeaux, but it sure gets bigger than 6 feet tall.
I also have a "Gurney's Dwarf" which is not at all a dwarf. Figs are mahogany brown and OK, but the smallest tree is the one mentioned.
Mail Order nurseries are hardly a reliable source of accurate data on plants.
Most of it is hype and superlatives.
They want to sell plants, not educate the consumer.
I'd contact the State Hort. Research Station and see if they have conducted trials of fig trees in Florida. If they publish and extension bulletin it may reflect the vigor of these fig trees in Florida.
Also, contact a Ray Givan of Nafex about figs and relative size.

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My most touted "dwarf" fig that I have is the Petite
Negra. It is a cousin of the VdB. Both are in pots and
I see no major GROWTH between the two; or most OTHER
average figs in general. A newly aquired fig;
the Negretta looks much more promising (dwarf-like).

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I always wondered if the so call dwarf types actually stay small over a long period of time i know some seem to grow slower than others but dont they keep growing therfore getting larger with time? Gorgi my Negretta seems to be a vibrant grower in its pot under grow light (16 inches now)but its young plant and most of mine that are in this juvenile stage seem that way. This summer will tell me a little more about it when i give it a bigger pot and real sun. Thinking out loud and not disputing dwarf types but wondering.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

My mew Petit Nigra grew 4' last season. Hardly a dwarf. My first PN never got taller than 26", and lasted about 7 years before "croaking". My VdB is maintained at 10' but could have been 25' easy without pruning. Some trees are more vigorous growers by nature, but most size control is done by pruning. Many mail order trees are grown by contract growers using wood from who-knows-where, so the selling nusery has little or no control over their product. Just the nature of the beast.

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I have two black jack fig trees growing in a 7 gallon pots for two years.The figs are Large to very large blue black in color.They have a sprawling outward growth habit and some of the branches reach the ground.I purchased it at a discount fruit tree nursery in San Diego California.

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How wide does Petite Negra and Violette de Bordeaux grow when they are full size?

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