To Linda from Heaven & Peggy

SusieQsie_FlaMay 1, 2006

Hey there Linda

I just read your response to Peggy and you covered just about everything...lots of great info, some real-life experiences, good advice and very well said. My heart goes out to you and Peggy and others with such life-altering circumstances.

This morning I read something I want to share with you; it comes from "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. Maybe you are familiar with it. I have been helped and have grown immensely from it; however I do not know the kind of pain you and Peggy are experiencing. I just feel led to type this page out for you and anyone else who might need a little encouragement.........

(Please keep in mind that this was written in 1900)


I Kings 19:5 "Arise and eat."

"The angel did not give Elijah a vision, or explain the

Scriptures to him, or do anything remarkable; he told

Elijah to do the most ordinary thing, viz, to get up and eat.

If we were never depressed we should not be alive; it is the

nature of a crystal never to be depressed. A human being is

capable of depression, otherwise there would be no capacity

for exaltation. There are things that are calculated to depress,

things that are of the nature of death; and in taking an estimate

of yourself, always take into account the capacity for depression.

When the Spirit of God comes He does not give us

visions, He tells us to do the most ordinary things conceiv-

able. Depression is apt to turn us away from the ordinary

commonplace things of God's creation, but whenever God

comes, the inspiration is to do the most natural simple

things - the things we would never have imagined God

was in, and as we do them we find He is there. The inspi-

ration which comes to us in this way is an initiative against

depression; we have to do the next thing and do it in the

inspiration of God. If we do a thing in order to overcome

depression, we deepen the depression; but if the Spirit of

God makes us feel intuitively that we must do the thing,

and we do it, the depression is gone.

Immediately we arise and obey, we enter on a higher plane of life."

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

Thank you, Suzie. That was very nice and thoughtful. I depend on my faith to keep me going. I could have given up a long time ago, but I am glad I keep trying and I keep living. to give you a brief idea, U lost my tonsils when I was 4, had a nasty infection due to a spider bite and barb wire cut and had a lot of skin grafts and things on my foot, had my gall bladder out at 16, have had several bouts with cancer, have diabetes, had a pituitary tumor that burned itself out after 4 years, have had complete hormone reversals that were due to the pituitary, had massive blood posioning, had back surgery and need more, have had osteoarthritis since I was 10, need hips replaced and knees, have myofibralgia or whatever that stuff is along with skin problems fron diabetes, retinopathy now in my eyes, neuropathy in my feet, surgeries galore and lots more I could list, but it would depress you too much. I just look at them as opportunities for doctors to learn something new so they can treat other patients better. That is my philosopy on life. I just think of each day as a gift and I set out to explore the beauty of the world and the beauty in people. It is so much fun when you focus on others instead of yourself.

Thank you for your care and concern. I think you wrote me an email a few months ago, but I never received it. My email is


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buttterflyy(z9b FL)

My favorite song has always been "I come to the garden alone" and my favorite daily reading book is Oswald Chambers. Nice to 'meet' someone else who reads it. God always speaks to me through it, and I am usually challenged to look a little deeper. I also love sharing different ones with others.

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pllove(Z 9b FL)

Thank you. I am crying ..I am so horribly ill hurt and confused.......God is all I have and/or need !?

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Whoa - Linda from Heaven! I am at a loss for words (which is unusual) and I feel that way whenever I read health-related posts from Peggy....all I can say is how you ladies impress me with your upbeat attitudes after all you're enduring.

I've been standing in the gap for you both, sending up "target" prayers like arrows. Peggy, it's MY will that you get a good night's sleep, but perhaps it's God's will that you use that time to spend with Him.....sometimes His Spirit will wake me up....but with your medications, it may be something altogether different. I wish I were closer to Him and could "see" better.

Butterfly Linda, I am so glad to meet you, too! I find "My Utmost" to be so challenging - at first (6 years ago) I could barely understand a word of it. I'm glad I perservered, even though I wasn't even sure if he what he was saying was right on. Now, I am "getting" it and sometimes it just makes me weep. And I love to hear other people quoting Chambers, and I notice more and more young women in my tiny community are reading him. So when I got a gift certificate from Amazon for my birthday, I ordered all the books written by him that they had, even his life story. (Which is incredible)

God bless all you ladies - and not just generally - in just the exact, specific way you need to be blessed TODAY.

Love Susie

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