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shane11February 20, 2012

A couple weeks back I took fig cuttings from two varieties to try and propagate them according to the "baggy method" described on figs4fun. It appears that white knobs are beginning to show on the exposed bottom potions of the cuttings but I also notice that green shoots are also appearing on several of the bases. I am curious if this is normal and will it have any effect on the rooting?

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I have had some in water for several months and I'm getting white knobs too. They started to green up on top a week after I put them in water, but no roots yet. I added an aspirin yesterday, someone suggested to add one.

Sorry that I can't help and good luck!

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That is normal shane11. Nip off any opening buds which will eventually be below the soil line of your rooting cups.

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Thanks for the replies. The couple green sprouts I have seen would certainly be below soil line so I will remove them when I pot them up. They are on the bottom inch of the cutting along with the white roots that are beginning to show. I have not removed the paper towel from the top of the cuttings to see if the top part has put out any green sprouts yet. Maybe the top is starting to bud as well. How long should I let these roots get before potting them up? Is half inch good enough?

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shane 11

Nip those unnecessary buds off as soon as possible because they are using up (wasting) those vital chemical reserves that are stored inside of your cutting. You do not want to waste any of those reserves by allowing buds to develop that you will eventually be cutting off. Of course before nipping them off, you want to make sure that you have at least one viable bud that will be above the soil line.

Re when to move baggie cuttings to cups:
I put mine in rooting cups as soon as I see roots. 1/2 inch definitely is long enough. Make sure you dab off any water droplets that you may see condense on any tiny opening buds. If you do not remove it, that moisture can cause it to die, rot, and mold.


Make sure that your rooting water ALWAYS has some dissolved oxygen in it. Roots will not form without a supply of oxygen. Oxygen gas is needed for the biochemical reaction that occurs when roots are forming. You do not want that water to ever go anaerobic because of other undesirable side chemical reactions that can occur as well. If you change the water often and aerate it each time, you should be OK.

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Thanks for all the great information.

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