Yet another Tagless conifer

qwadeAugust 10, 2014

I've been sourcing trees at our local farmers market. Most trees are not tagged.So I turn to you all knowing conifer collectors for some help. Anyway this week i was attracted to this Tree. At first i thought it was a spruce. But after further inspection I was thinking Pinus parviflora. Needles where very short maybe 3/4 to 1 inch long. They where bundled in fives. Branches where bare most of the way till the end. I dont know if this was natural or pruned. Picture not the best but you should be able to id.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

compare with P parv 'brevafolia'

maybe throw a glauca in there


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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that's what I was thinking
looks like it was trimmed or it's been in that pot a long time

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'Brevafolia' looks like a close match, Probably pick it up next week if she still has it.

Yes a lot of her trees are pot bound. I can however negotiate a better price because I know she doesn't want to pot up.

Up next week for your id'ing pleasure is a is a 3 needle pine. I didn't get a picture. I was pretty impressed with Ken's id (without a picture) of a Juniperous viginiana in another thread , so I thought it would be fun to give all a shot at this one. I realize a tree in a nursery pot in south jersey might be more challenging than an invasive plant in Virginia.. Anyway from what I recall: open form 3 needle pine. Somewhat contorted branches. Needles where 3-4"-- thick rather than thin--straight rather than twisted-- as wide as it is tall. I don't recall the cones.I do rember a pine with many cones but I don,t remember if it was this one. We can rule out my native rigida. (all subject to my failing memory) I'll post the picture next week if the tree is still there.

Thanks for the help with the ID.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you're messing with me.. right... lol.. thrown down the gauntlet.. challenging me again ... lol.. i am going to lose this game.. sooner rather than later...

i think strobus has 2 needles.. too lazy this morn.. the classics are:

pinus stribus tortulosa; and

pinus strobus contorta ...

one has twisty needles... the other.. twisty needles and twisty branches ...

an alternative.. since you mention virginia.. is Pinus viginiana ... but i think that still has 2 needles per bundle .. i am no needle count guru ... but Pv has a rather loose.. do what i want form ...

please dont think i am some wizard on IDs ... its just coincidence.. that you have come across things in my garden ..

start a new post.. with the new ID ...

and do lets discuss how to deal with a pot bound conifer ... when planting time comes.. and for me.. that is NEVER in august ... it might include bare rooting.. and root surgery ... to do it right.. again.. a new post ... [posts are free ... so dont clutter up an ID post.. with extraneous discussions.. and try to keep the title searchable.. so the next peep ... can find the topic.. presuming we give good advice ..]


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agree on virginia having 2 needles strobus having 5--- somewhat familiar with those. this tree neither

agree potbound trees need tending to roots

agree on no august planting except for mugo

agree on new posts (I like free)

Needle count is my first go to with Pinus

i was thinking P. radiata but seems like an unusual tree to pop up at a flea market on the east coast.

will start new post on ID.
will start new post on root bound trees

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